NEW - Update to Tablo web app (1.0.24/625)

Hi Tablo fans -

We’ve just pushed an update to

If you use the web app, you’ll see the following changes:

  • Improvements to Tablo Connect to ensure consistency of connection
    even when IP changes
  • Increased max buffer size and length for video to ensure smoother
  • Added shortcuts for toggling play/pause (spacebar) and fullscreen (F)
    in leanback mode
  • Fixed issue with browser Flash detection
  • Fixed issue where playback of recordings of more than 3 hours would
  • Fixed issue where Recordings grid was hidden after playing video
  • Fixed keyboard skip buttons while casting
  • Fixed issue with app trying to cast after disconnecting cast session
  • Fixed player seek handle not updating while moving mouse
  • Fixed position resume when starting or stopping casting
  • Other performance and stability improvements

This version of the web app should appear as build 1.0.24/625 in your Settings screen.

NOTE - You may need to hit SHIFT+Refresh and/or clear your browser’s cache to get the update.

We hope you enjoy these updates and fixes. If you have any feedback, please let us know below.

Happy holidays everyone!


WOW! Whatever you did to the web app now works beautifully with the Microsoft Edge browser in Windows Phone 10.

Great holiday gift!

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Is this going to fix the audio/video sync delay as well?

Edge browser works for me as well on my PC. Very nice!

Any functional differences between and at this point now?

@kamy2015 - No, there shouldn’t be at all. All of the changes in beta should be pushed to live.

HTML5 streaming now works with the Chromium browser under Linux.

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In my experience, after disconnecting from and and then reconnecting, it’s now choppy again on Chrome using either connection. Support had me reconnect to the updated beta web version a couple weeks ago and it was working almost great. Still had an occasional stutter then but now it’s very very choppy with lots of pauses/freezing. My web app version matches the 1.0.24/625 so I’m wondering if Chrome updated right after the Tablo app updated causing the choppy problem to persist. Here’s my current version. Any idea? Anything do with my using the 1080-10 setting?

@mullermj - Hrm… What OS are you running on? I’ve got Windows 8 and I’m not seeing that.

Regular Windows 7. Nothing out of the ordinary.

I am seeing audio sync issues now for the first time while watching a recording of the evening local news. No buffering issues, just the audio sync issue - words don’t match the news anchor’s mouth.

I am using OS X 10.9.5 with Chrome 47.0.2526.106 (64-bit) on a Retina MacBook Pro 15" Mid-2012, Quad core Intel i7 2.6Ghz with 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD.

I have a Tablo 4 tuner running firmware 2.2.8 HTML application 1.0.24-625. Tablo is set to record HD 1080 - 8 Mbps streams.

Tablo connects to router via WiFi and my laptop is wired into the router.

I am still having the audio sync problem sporadically watching live tv. This morning it was terrible but tonight, not at all. A quick click on the skip back or forward button resets it but it quickly becomes out of sync again. I don’t see it with recordings.