NEW - Update Tablo App for Apple TV (v.1.1)

Hi there folks -

A new update for the Apple TV app will be making its way through the app store shortly.

In this version, we’ve fancied up the Live TV screen, made loading the Live TV screen faster and fixed a few issues found in the previous release.

Now that the existing screens are looking/behaving nicely, the team will now focus on adding more screens and features for the next release cycle.

Release notes for Apple TV app version 1.1
• Improvements to Live TV screen load times
• Updates to Live TV screen to add tuner in-use indicators, and Live/New badges to airing details
• Fix for playback start position on in-progress recordings
• Fix to add closed captioning toggle button to Live TV screen
• Other small tweaks, improvements and bug fixes

We hope you enjoy this update!

If you have any feedback about this release, please let us know below, or send a note to our helpful support team via the ticketing system.

I just noticed when I tuned in my NBC station it said the name of the station plus the title of the program (Wheel Of Fortune) that I was tuning in to

Does this update include the fix for the “A Network Error Occurred” bug?

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Lovely… can’t get more than a minute of live TV on any channel before playback freezes. I’ve rebooted, unplugged etc and still the problem persists.

Is this Apple TV update compatible with 2.2.10? Cause that’s what I’m running (2.2.12 is broken).

I don’t use live tv but i tested it out on a couple of my ATV 4’s just to see if I experienced what you did. Fortunately for me all is well. No freezing in live TV. Also, at least for now, I haven’t gotten the dreaded “a network error occurred” bug yet. I hope this was fixed as part of the update. BTW, I am on 2.2.12.

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After repeat freezes last night I just gave up… went back this morning to try it out and so far the issue seems to have disappeared.

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New user here. Coming from a DirecTV/AM-21 OTA environment. Really impressed with the user interface of this device. I have two Apple TV setups as well as an Android TV (Sony Bravia).

I am hoping that with Apple’s recent program size limit being changed, the Apple TV app will allow the sidebar experience of the Android TV (as well as the iOS apps).

Only had the system up for less than a day, but overall very impressed. I really like the listing of all programs available and the ability to set up recordings in advance (very much like DTV). Once on the Apple TV, I don’t know if I’d need very many new features…


You did not specify what model of apptv, I hope u have or have seen the appletv4 Tablo app. It it very fast and syncs quick but still lacks ios capability/functionality. They will get it there, im very pleased.

Sorry. 4th gen both 64 and 32 gb versions. Yes I’m pleased with what I’ve seen so far. I’m programming future showings thru my iPad, which is extremely easy. Pairing this with DirecTv Now for OTT content. Saving a bundle.


I reset my AppleTV and Testflight says "There are no tvOS builds available ". Running released version for now. AppleTV 4th gen 32 GB.

OK. It’s been a year and I’d like to check in with my experiences.

For reference, I have a quad tuner Tablo with a 5 TB drive. I stream to three Apple TV’s, all 4th gen, one 32 GB, one 64GB and the third 4K 64 GB.

My overall experience with your product has been great. I have not experienced most of the problems that have been reported by other users. I have recommended your product every time the topic of OTA TV comes up, as well as got you a mention on the podcast “Today in iOS”.

However, after a year, I’d like to update my wish list. Some of these have been mentioned in other threads, but there’s one I haven’t seen. I’ll list that one first.

  1. I have recorded all episodes of several older “classic” TV shows and watch them singularly, with a few binge sessions. After watching the entire series, I’d like the ability to bulk mark all as unwatched, rather than by episode. That way when I start watching again, it’s clear where I am in the sequence. I can delete all, why not “unwatch all”?

The rest I’ve either mentioned before or others have in other threads.
2) Wrap the channel guide
3) Channel up/down from current channel. DirecTV Now does this on the Apple TV with a swipe left or right. Maybe you can implement something similar?
4) Dolby 5.1 where available
5) DVR program selection from the Apple TV rather than having to use the iPad or iPhone (you did this for the Sony Android TV, why not Apple?)
6) In fact, all admin functions from the Apple TV (rescan, etc).
7) I’m currently at 1.45 TB of the 5TB disk capacity. It would be nice to be able to backup the drive via a web interface, ftp or otherwise over my network.

Again, I think your development team has done remarkedly well developing a base unit and all of the cross platform clients, with what I think is most likely a small number of people. Looking forward to the new things as they come out. As things are now, I will be most likely staying with your if ATSC 3.0 becomes a reality.

Thanks for the listen.


@Stan Thanks for the feedback and glad to hear you’re enjoying your Tablo!

We are working on many different updates for the Apple TV app, but I’ll pass this along to the team!

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