New to Tablo - Tablo 4 "unauthorized" "Authentication Failure"


I’m new to the Tablo world at the same time I’m transitioning from Plex to JellyFin and from HDHomeRun to Tablo. Why am I moving to Tablo from HDHomeRun? Several reasons including my HDHomeRun is more than 4,000 miles away with my old Plex server.

I ran across a project to connect to the Tablo and present channels in m3u format which JellyFin can ingest. It appears to work on older versions but not Tablo4.

When I go to the URL requested in the code ( ) (my Tablo is .189) I get the following JSON response:

  • error:{
    • code: “unauthorized”,
    • details: null,
    • description: “Authentication failure”}

I assume it wants my login details, but I don’t know how to send them. Does anyone know?
I’m happy to modify the simple python script myself and give it back to the community.


Tablo 4 is completely different format from the Legacy Tablo.