New to Tablo need amp advice

Hello all, just set up a “new” referb two tuner today and need some amp advice. Here is my setup:

Tablo wired to router, ClearStream 2 Max antenna indoors, Mohu bolt amp powered by Tablo, two way spliter with one leg to tv the other to Tablo. (I know put the antenna outside but wife says no way)

With this setup I lost channel 5 low-vhf, and getting a weaker but viewable signal on Fox 39/Movies. This applies to the tv tuner as well as the Tablo. No issues with these channels when just the tv hooked to antenna and amp.

I’m thinking I need to pull the splitter and Mohu amp and replace them with a distribution amp. Any recommendations?

Ive read recommendations here for the CM3414 or 3412. A quick search on “Distribution amp” on here should yield plentiful results. :slight_smile:

Thanks, that is one of the amps I was looking at. Did a lot of research on DVRs while preparing to drop Spectrum in favor of OTA and streaming. Almost got a Channel Master DVR+ but happy we decided to go with Tablo.

Have a limited selection of OTA channels here in Northeast TN and get the ones we really needed with good signal but looking to get the couple that we can’t pull in with the signal split.

I JUST added the 3412 to my Clearstream 4 Max setup and helped quite a bit actually. I added an additional 12 channels and my base channels signal went up a bit too

Where is the antenna mounted? Putting it in your attic if possible could also help if it is not already there.

The antenna is in the living room high on the wall facing the towers. I actually get a good signal on most of the desired stations but adding a splitter to the tv and other leg to Tablo took out my weaker lo- vhf 5 and reduced the reception of fox39 and sub Movies. Those two are still viewable and seem to have recorded but I have not watched the recordings yet.

Can’t put it in the attic because frankly just not heahthy enough to get up there any more, 67 with both knees shot, bad back and heart issues, so I’m a real mess anymore when it comes to getting work done. No one in this area to do that type of work that can be relied on.

Looking through the comments on here it appears the cm3412 may do just what I need so will likely order one in a few days and give it a try but still open to suggestions about other amps.

I am across the border from you in Boone. Both my antennae are in the attic. I combine them in the attic. I didn’t need to worry about the signal duplication, ghosting or whatever they call it when you have two antennae. One points at Greensboro and the other points at Charlotte. I also pick up the Tri-City stations and a few Roanoke. You should get all of them.

I split the signal for maybe 5 TV’s. Channel Master CM-7778 is the pre-amp. Channel Plus 2512 DC splitter/combiner. These were a while ago so maybe newer better is available.

Hello, I’m just to the west side of Kingsport and can pick up pretty much all of the tri-cities towers. I have a mix of LOS, 1 edge and 2edge at my actual location. You have altitude advantage.

Was getting a bit weaker but watchable signal on channel 5 and some drop out issues on Fox with the Mohu Leaf 50 that I originally had. Switched it out for the ClearStream 2 Max indoors using the Mohu amp. That gave me a better signal on 5 and stopped all the drop out from Fox/Movies.

However adding in a splitter so I can surf with the tv tuner and record with Tablo cut 5 out completely and reduced the signal on Fox so looking to reverse that. Thinking the CM 3412 distribution amp in place of the Mohu amp and splitter will get me back to where I was before the splitter.

I would suggest you install the VHF retrofit kit on your clear stream 2.

Thanks for the suggestion but the Clearstream 2 Max has the vhf included which is why I picked it when I switched from the Mohu Leaf 50. The 2 Max was suggested by the people at Antennas Direct, they were very helpful and responded with info about station direction and such based on my need for indoor antenna. Wife says nothing stuck on the outside of the house.

Happy with what we get along with Netflix and Acorn TV, just need to clear up the issue caused by the splitter.

I use the channel master CM 3412 Amplifier Its dual port splitter.

Thanks for the link. Plan to order one and see if it fixes my splitter issue, I think from what I’ve read around several sites it will likely do the trick.

Remember that Tablo has an internal 4 way splitter, even Tablo 2 channel.

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??? Exlpain, I don’tunderstand.

The OG Tablo Dual tuner and Quad tuner both have an internal 1x4 amplified splitter. Thus there is some signal loss when using the Tablo. If you use a splitter before the Tablo to feed your antenna to say a TV, you are compounding the signal loss with multiple splitters - this is generally a no-no, you should connect your OTA antenna directly to your Tablo.

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Or get a distribution amplifier as linked above?