New to Tablo. Is there any way to speed up changing channels? Also a few "quirks"

Got our Tablo Quad on Thursday and set it up that night. So far we are really liking it but changing channels is extremely slow. Is there any way to speed this up?

Also is there a way to make it so that when you select a channel it goes right to the broadcast rather than asking if you want to watch it or record it? It seems logical to me that the default action should be to go to the live broadcast.

A few other things I have noticed:

Guide sometimes will “stick” after you have gone down several channels. It usually frees up and moves on after 15 seconds or so, but there have been a couple of times I have had to exit the application and then restart it before the guide will behave normally.

Today I was watching a show and decided to record it. When I went into the menu and told it to record everything went well and I returned to watching the show. For approximately two minutes the broadcast would freeze for about 5 seconds with the spinning circle coming up, then it would go back to the broadcast just fun. I watched a bit of the recording and this did not seem to affect it. However it was annoying while watching the live broadcast.

Some info on my setup:

Tablo is located in my “data closet” in my house and connected to a 48 port 10/100/1000HP switch.

Theater Room - Tablo app loaded on a second gen Amazon Fire TV that is connected via a wired connection

Master Bedroom - Tablo app loaded on a first gen Amazon Fire TV that is connected via a wired connection

Great Room - Tablo app loaded on a second Gen Amazon Fire TV that is connected via a wired connection.

Office - Tablo app loaded on a first gen Amazon Fire Stick connected via 5ghz wireless

Each of the devices exhibit the “quirks” I mentioned above when changing channels and navigating the guide. Only the theater room device has been used to record so I can’t speak to if the same “freeze” would happen on the other devices.

I do have to say that the app is almost unusable on the Fire TV Stick in the office. It is very slow to respond and navigating the guide is painful at best.

Thanks for your time!



When I’m using my ROKU to select a channel, instead of clicking OK, I click the play button.

This bypasses the Watch / Record screen and just starts to play the show.


Thank you for the information. Seems so logical yet I never tried it.

Thanks again!!!

Depending on your configuration, you may benefit from selecting “enable fast live tv startup” under the Advanced section of the settings panel. Keep in mind this option will only appear when accessing the Web portal and not through the mobile app.

Thank you for the reply. I had already checked and that setting was enabled by default.