New to Tablo Hookup Question

My Tablo is arriving today, and I’m a bit confused. We cut the cord with cable months ago. We now have an OTA (Mohu) hooked up to the TV. We also use Roku for Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. How will the Tablo hook up? Do I remove the OTA from the TV and put it into the Tablo or does the OTA’s coaxial cable still stay in the TV? Explain it to me in dummy terms :slight_smile:

@sesameking - The antenna goes into the back of the Tablo, not the TV.

Check out this page - it shows how everything connects:

I removed the antenna from the TV and plugged it into the Tablo. I believe the Tablo has to have it’s own antenna. Only problem with this is that you can only watch TV through your Tablo, unless you get a second antenna for the TV.

The Tablo does need an antenna, but it can be shared with the TV via a splitter.
However, a splitter degrades the signal, so weaker stations may have issues.


A powered splitter, also called a distribution amp, will keep the signal from being weakened.