NEW - Tablo Windows 10/Xbox App Update (v.1.9.9)

It sounds to me like the solution for continued Chrome compatibility is to support SSL in the web application.

Per a prior Tablo support post that isn’t possible because “The Tablo records and plays back unencrypted Over the Air Broadcast TV streams. Since the source video is unencrypted, the Tablo sends these streams over the Local LAN unencrypted. The Tablo encrypts control traffic for security but lacks the capability to do real time encryption of high bitrate video streams, as this has been unnecessary in the past.” This is the key to the issue even if they updated the public web app the Tablo would need the processing power and ability to encrypt the video that is originally unencrypted so likely significant hardware changes to support the web app. just my two cents.

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So if I use the windows app its like i am watching a slide show. If I load up firefox and watch it there everything is fine. This is a gaming class PC with a 2060 Super video card looking at the resources I don’t think this app is taxing the system in any way. Any Ideas? Anyone else having this issue as well?

One of the issues I see with the Windows Tablo app is that it’s missing features that we have accessing Tablo via the browser. One of those features that I use is a missing menu item… If I go to TV Shows in the menu, I don’t get the option to display only New shows.

In the web browser under TV SHows, I get All, New, Premiering, Genre, and Channels. In the Windows app, I get only All, Premiering, and Channels. Some years ago, I thought I saw mention of Nuvyyo bring parity across all apps. If they’re going to get rid of the ability to use web browsers, you’d think they would at least have all the features available in their Windows app.

They won’t even let you use Chrome Version 93.0.4577.51 even though there’s no reason (I’ve changed useragent, and it worked):

Now, disable chrome://flags/#block-insecure-private-network-requests which is reason Chrome is blocking the web app. (I’m sure this option will be gone someday)

And still:

I just tested it (Windows App) with my 5 year old Dell laptop who’s touch screen is starting to de-laminate internally (Grrrrr) and everything works fine. I selected several live TV channels and in about 5~6 seconds the programs started and played just fine. Clicked a few recorded shows and in a second or two they also started playing just fine.

Just chiming in with a quick update…

As Chrome 93 begins to roll out it appears as though the impending change that would have blocked traffic between Tablo DVRs and Chrome browsers has been delayed to Chrome 94 (currently in beta) or beyond.

At this time it’s unclear when the change will actually be implemented but we will do our best to keep you all informed.

In the meantime, we still recommend that Windows users download and use the Tablo Windows 10 app moving forward.

Yes, please fix the recent recordings feature before the Web App is gone.

Any news on the updated Windows 10 App version 2.0? (originally slated for fall)?

The anticipated technology changes that will block the current Tablo web app won’t be coming to Chrome until the spring of 2022. With that in mind, we’re be taking a smidge more time to make sure the new Tablo desktop app is awesome before we launch it this winter.

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:neutral_face: can’t hardly wait! This is almost biggest smidge, but since it will be awesome I bet we can hold out for another scintilla :wink:

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