New Tablo user here

I finally jumped from to Tablo from Simple Tv. I was ready to do so for over 2 years. I was in the Tablo forum recommending that if they made a guide for the Roku, similar to how USTV Now has a guide, I would make the jump. Sorry it took me so long…

I liked Simple TV gen 1, but it had just 1 tuner. I wanted another tuner for sure. I felt that $200 was just too much to spend after I invested in my gen 1 Simple TV device. But I loved how supportive the Tablo staff was. I bought the 2 tuner. For me, it was a simple change. I just reformatted my external hd and got it going.
I have an NVIDIA Shield TV in my family room 60. TV. And 2 Insignia 39" Roku TV’s in the bedrooms. Everything works great, albeit the Roku TV’s feel a bit sluggish or underpowered. But Tablo is solid on it. I love that I can keep the Tablo on my night stand with the mohu on the window and conspicuously enclosed with plantation shutters. I could not do that with Simple TV. The channels were picked up better onvthe Tablo. I have better reception and more channels. The tuner is better than at least generation 1 Simple TV.

I am extremely happy with Tablo and glad to finally be a part of the community. But I was taken back by how certain things were not fixed yet. Especially the buffer on the Android TV. Ibwatched a video ofvTablo on the Apple TV and it was close to instant.

My only complaints are that the Android TV app has a significantly longer buffer than the Roku. I was surprised by this. Simple TV buffered for 10 seconds on my Roku. I buffers for 17 seconds with Tablo. And the NVIDIA buffers for 27 seconds on average. The SimplebTV Roku appvwas outdated, so I love what I have with the Tablo. But the Android guide overall seemed better fir Simple TV. It always seems a bit laggy to navigate. At least in the beginning. I like the guide pictures when you hover over each channel though. But I was disappointed to not have the network icons beside each channel so I know what I am watching rather than the local network code. I would have expected this to have been added by now as Simpleton TV was able to. And I did recall hearing the buffer times were longer on Tablo. I hooed that was fixed as well. My phone also does not pick up live TV well. But recordings it does fine. I

I’ll have to sre what AppleTV looks like tonight. I’m getting the 32 gb version.