New Tablo - Scanning Probs

So just installed a new Tablo 4 tuner. Scanned for channels using Zip Code. Would not GEO locate. I confirmed about 90 channels)Houston area, most trash tv) on my TV before i unplugged the antenna coax and connected to my Tablo. Tablo picked up only about half of those channels. And it totally left off our KPRC 2 (NBC) which is one of the strongest around. Any suggestions? All of my other tv’s connected to OTA antenna are picking up these channels with no problem. All connected to same antenna.

Try a few next door zip codes and see what you get first.

Try removing the splitter and connecting the antenna directly to the Tablo… Tablo has an internal splitter that further attenuates the signal level from the antenna.

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There is no splitter. It finally downloaded all 90 plus stations. Took some time. First night of viewing, unimpressed/ Shows set up to record on computer, did not show up on Tablo. Tablo takes too much time to load on FireTv. Could never get the NFL game to open after 10 mins of the blue bar on top going all the way across. I feel a return coming on but will give it a week.

Yes, I get about 80 stations here, but only load about 35 on Tablo. Takes about an hour.

I live between Houston and Beaumont and on my Tablo channels 11(cbs) and 13(Abc) is not listed. But I have Beaumont and Lake Charles channels!

Do you have the right zip code input in settings?

@bohaiboy - Sorry to hear you’re having some issues. Our support team would be happy to lend a hand. You can send them a note here:

Beaumont and Houston are in opposite directions. @outlaw2u2 has two antennas facing different directions. Wondering if the Tablo zip code algorithm is the same as TVFool’s since the TVFool report shows Beaumont, Houston and Lake Charles stations accessible from one zip code even though these areas are many miles and degrees apart?

The question is Tablo’s station zip code coverage the same as TVFool’s? From past posts, it seems there is a difference since users have had to ask Tablo to add stations to the guide.

I just checked my Tablo I have 26 channels, and tv has 90 . Tablo has Houston 2 Krpc, Beaumont 4 fox, and 6 kfdm but doesn’t have 12.1 or 12.2 from Beaumont