NEW - Tablo Roku Channel Update (v. 3.0.0)

Hi folks -

An update to Tablo’s Roku channel is on the way.

If you’ve already got the Tablo channel installed, and your ROKU is set to automatic updates, you should see version 3.0.0 very soon.

Here’s what you can expect…

Tablo Roku Channel Update (v. 3.0.0)

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements


About This Release
The majority of tweaks in this release are focused on the upcoming sunsetting of Premium Service/Automatic Commercial Skip for new users.

Since the changes are aimed at folks with newly set up Tablo DVRs, existing users shouldn’t see any differences.

As always, if you have any questions or encounter any problems, feel free to post them below or touch base directly with support.

Roku Channel v 3.0.0 appears to have fixed the temporary freezing when fast forwarding or when using Commercial Skip. I haven’t experienced this problem since updating to the new version.


I am wondering if Tablo is attempting to make any changes to the Roku app in an attempt to overcoming this issue, or if any schedule for fixing this problem may exist.


Let me first begin by saying “thank you” to Tablo for eventually taking responsibility for fixing this buggy software. Although it has taken 2 1/2 months, and made use of the Roku extremely unreliable every night I used it since early May, it is now finally working properly again.

As an eight year owner of Tablo since the product was initially released, this is yet another repetition of the same behavior I find so utterly disgusting about product support and quality assurance from Tablo. Thankfully, this bug ONLY took 2 1/2 months to isolate and fix. Several years ago, a very similar crashing fproblem with the Roku player only when running the Tablo app took many more months to fix, and had the exact same process of denial by Tablo, many months of silence despite numerous complaints, and eventually the necessary diagnosis and repair by Tablo, finally released as a “stability improvement”.

I find it additionally astonishing that the eventual announcement of a repair never even has the honest and direct admission that the freezing and crashing bug was ultimately discovered and fixed.

A few weeks ago, totally fed up with the sh*t show from Ottawa, I went out and purchased new Amazon Fire TV cubes for the locations in my home where we most often used Tablo, eliminating entirely, my dependency on the Roku app which Tablo has NEVER properly tested and supported. The Amazon fire app is comparatively bulletproof, and allows me and my wife to watch TV while using the treadmill, while doing laundry, while working in the office, without the nagging and frequently occurring freezing. I am specially upset that my recent expensive purchase was motivated by a total acknowledgment that Tablo had a problem, was working on solving it, and that a fix was forthcoming. I consider the dismissal and denial and silence by Tablo to make a bad problem much worse, undermining trust and loyalty from long-term buyers. Pointing the finger at Roku and asking users to publish which version of Roku OS V.11 was being used, was clearly dismissive and certainly not forthright.

Given the immense popularity of Roku, the lack of software quality assurance and adequate beta testing of the Roku app from Tablo is especially disappointing. I am happy to see that it is now fixed, but have no reason to believe that some future release of Roku channel software from Tablo will be reliable.

Thank you once again for finally acknowledging, diagnosing, and repairing your product. The end result is favorable, but the process of getting there totally stinks.


Although I posted an update in the thread I originated regarding freezing and crashing of the Roku a few months ago, reporting that the latest Roku app from Tablo, version three, still continues to freeze and occasionally crash as of August 9, 2022.

It has not been fixed, but has been improved by the recent release of the new Tablo app for Roku.

It now freezes less frequently, and rarely crashes.

Before the latest release from Tablo, it froze many times each viewing session, and typically crashed at least once per hour .

I could routinely get it to freeze and crash by aggressive use of the fast forward/rewind in less than a minute or two.

Now, it freezes only three or four times per hour, and it recovers more often, thus avoiding crashes, which now occur once every several hours of viewing.

Thank you to Tablo for making this improvement.


So the above picture should look like this!@#$%

I am still having problems with Tablo on Roku. Never had any problems for 5 years until a couple months ago. I keep hoping the problem will go away but no luck. Most of the time Roku will disconnect from Tablo, most commonly when watching live TV that has been paused and then starting to watch the recording of the live TV. It also occurs when watching recordings. Doesn’t happen when watching live TV in the present time. I have to reboot Roku or reset Tablo or just wait about 5 minutes. It’s annoying when it happens multiple times in an hour. I have v 3.0.0 installed. Any fixes?

Coming out of commercial skip on recordings, audio will begin but video is frozen. When rewinding live programming, audio will begin but video is frozen. Both problems predate my upgrade to a Tablo Quad this spring. I had hoped the upgrade would cure the problem.

Roku 3820X Streaming Stick 4K on Samsung TV, Western Digital 2TB hard drive, TP-Link Archer A9 router.

Mine still hasn’t updated on its own should I manually do it, I’m not having any problems (Tablo has worked great since buying). Would rather not I’m a if not broke don’t fix guy.

We do recommend that you stay updated. It’s possible that you may have turned off automatic updates in your Roku settings.

@TabloTV I didn’t think it was possible to turn off Roku updates. @RD4 maybe uninstall/reinstall the Tablo Roku channel?

When selecting check for firmware update says has latest, is 2.2.40 I assume the 3 is for all models including 2 tuner OTA.

Firmware update & Roku Channel update are two different things.

Current Tablo firmware is 2.2.40.

Current Tablo Roku channel is 3.0.0.

You can see the current Roku channel version in the Tablo app under SETTINGS > ABOUT > ROKU which is below the button that says ‘CHECK FOR FIRMWARE UPDATE’.

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Oh, ok Roku updated quite awhile ago. Thanks

Although it took one full year, since May 2022 when I posted the original issue of Roku freezing and crashing, the problem has now, in May 2023, finally been addressed.

The solution provided in the latest Tablo app for Roku is not a very good one since the repaired timeline scrubbing no longer allows thumbnails during scrubbing. This makes landing on the correct spot completely random, hit and miss. However, for the first time in over a year, my wife can finally use her preferred Roku player on the several locations in our laundry, kitchen, and home office to watch her programs.

Out of total frustration with Tablo, having been through the same type of crap with Roku crashing and freezing in a prior software release, with total denial by Tablo for 6 months that a problem existed, I went out and bought three Amazon Fire Cubes, since the Amazon Fire player is much more reliable playing Tablo and has no freezing and crashing problem.

Thank you to Tablo for FINALLY addressing this issue. It is most unfortunate that a nearly 10 year old product is still so outrageously fraught with software bugs which impact basic functionality.

Maybe one of these years, the Tablo app for Roku will allow for safe scrolling in the electronic program guide without crashing… This would be nice as a 10th anniversary gift to those of us who took a leap of faith nearly 10 years ago commiting to an unknown new little company just getting started in Ottawa.


Since there hasn’t been a tablo Roku app update, you must mean the Roku OS update that has been rolling out over the last few weeks. That seemed to have fixed most of my problems and they weren’t limited to tablo.

Thank you for your reply, Zippy.

My wife reported to me that her Roku players have begun working correctly, and I briefly confirmed her experience by switching from my standard Amazon Fire Cube.

I see that the app released by Tablo is version 3.1.0, and is newer than my V3.0.0 which froze and crashed. I have very deliberately stopped watching any Roku/Tablo release activities, and was not really aware of changes being made in the Roku OS. This may indeed explain the eventual solution, but at this point I really don’t care and don’t know or want to know since it no longer is a household issue/argument with an unhappy spouse!

Glad to see that it has been fixed, and hope this ends the unreliable performance during playback scrubbing which made my use impossible.


Older roku devices got updated to Roku OS 12.0.0 4184-04. That may have fixed the spinning wheel of death problem but thumbnails kind of stopped working.

But Roku shipped out an update using the very same OS version number that made thumbnails work a little better.