NEW - Tablo ROKU Channel Update (v.2.5.0 & 2.5.1)


Ah ah, Roku 4’s seem to be the only models that actually have the ability to be turned off via software.
Mine is set to turn off after 30 minutes of inactivity, or when the TV its connected to turns off:

Maybe I should check my other Roku 2 (2015), and Roku 3…


On my Roku 2 & 3, I have to return to the Roku Home position to sign off of Netflix. I have a 2 device limit on logins. If I am watching netflix on 2 Roku devices and I want to watch on a third Roku, not only do I have to log out of Netflix on one of the devices but I have to return to Roku home screen to free up that Netflix session. At least that was true several years ago. That was a hard lesson.


I looked at the Roku support database. It appears that the Roku 4 is the only Roku model with power off feature. It’s the only model with a fan. Their suggestion if you really, really need power off is:

“Although Roku streaming players use very little power when not in use,
you may still want the ability to power-off manually. To do this without
having to remove the power cable, consider connecting to a power strip
with a power button, or a smart strip that automatically turns off power
when not in use.”


When I say ‘channels’ I mean Roku ‘apps’ to be clear… Not the number of channels in your Tablo’s channel lineup.

We have observed this ‘stealth app download delay’ here in the office depending on the Roku device type and the number of installed Roku apps on the device.


25 Roku apps. Do you think that might be too many for a 4200 or 4210?

Or maybe you are implying that the new version is a memory hog.


Yup, still Roku channels/apps.
My Tablo only has 6 channels. :frowning:


Even though none of my other 24 Roku apps seem to have any issues, maybe the tablo Roku app needs to live on a Roku device where it’s the only app. The ultimate configuration - a dedicated client to a specific server.


I have seen the reload of an app / channel you are referring to and that is not what is happening…

While it does vary by Roku model and which apps/channels are accessed, typically even for those with large channel counts, it will retain the last 10 or so channels accessed.

Meaning, even if I have 120 channels, if I only use 6 channels, Tablo being one of them, it typically wont re-download any of those 6.

They load without re-downloading.

However, occasionally I might venture out of my normal top apps, and yes it would re-download those I had not accessed in a while. With our slow internet speeds, this became VERY annoying so I added Miro SD cards to all of our Rokus and have not seen this behavior in years.

Again, I said all of that to try to better explain that scenario, this is NOT what is occurring here though.

The Tablo channel is working fine on mine but my parents are seeing the above issue (with far fewer Roku channels installed + MicroSD card same as ours).

The issue is that the big blue Tablo screen appears but the time it takes to find, access and bring up the first Tablo access screen, has tripled.

And it occurs every time they go back into Tablo after access Netflix or Hulu.


All of a sudden, subchannels that are airing squashed 16:9 in 4:3 aren’t stretching it out on Tablo. They did before this. See: PBS Kids for an example.


Hi folks - We’ve released an update to our Roku Channel (2.5.1) which should provide a workaround for the issue encountered by some Roku users (with firmware 8.1 Build 4090) that prevented scrubbing from working properly on some playlists, including Live TV.

A few have already reported that it does indeed work, so hopefully if you’ve encountered this previously you’ll also have this functionality returned to you.


This afternoon while checking for the new DirecTV Now update on my Roku, I noticed while the Roku was checking for and loading new software, the Tablo app updated as well. Don’t know yet what’s changed, but it seems to be working ok so far.


Just like last time when they released 2.5.0 before posting a notice on the forum, you have been blessed with version 2.5.1.

Now I have to go back and re-test all the bugs I never reported.


Tablo 2.5.1 seems to have fixed the live TV rewind problem on the Roku.


Still on 2.5 with the Streaming Stick 3800X


A couple of observations with the Roku update that I’ve just noticed… A lot fewer blank thumbnails when fast forwarding, and faster live TV startup, about half the time.


Sorry, Johnny-come-lately here.

Isn’t this what the optional SD card is for?

My wife and I have both been grumbling for quite a while now about the apparent slowness of the Tablo over Roku.

It’s all I can do to keep her from deleting my backlog of shows I’d like to watch before I kick the bucket. Some of the shows I’m keeping, because I’m pretty sure it’ll make it easier for me to look forward to the afterlife with hopefully no TV. :wink:


Any tablo app slow load times has nothing to do with the number of channels on the Roku. I only have 23 on my Roku 3 and the slow app load time started with tablo app 2.5.0.

But maybe special arrangements will be made where digital hoarders are forced to take their recordings with them to be played in a continuous loop for eternity.


A little Help Please! We are new to using the Tablo app on Roku. We recently switched from the Amazon Stick to Roku because of the issues with 4K and the latest generation of Amazon Sticks. However, the difference I am seeing is the SETUP screen. Now where can I find an option to rescan the local channels or even view the local channels, add or delete local channels! Would appreciate your assistance. BTW – We really like the Tablo app on Roku as compared to the one for the Amazon Stick.


Those options aren’t on the Roku app yet. But you can do those on your phone/tablet/computer.


By using what app? The Roku or the Tablo app on the phone/tablet/computer? Thanks.