NEW - Tablo Roku Channel Update (2.1 - Build 34)

I finally got it working. I had to rescan the channels. That alone didn’t fix it (it was only showing loading…), then I deleted the tablo channel, restarted my Roku TV and then readded the channel. Af first the guide shows hash marks but you can see the programs through the hash marks, then the hash marks go away and the programs are clearly visible. It takes about 15 seconds for the guide to show normally. Perhaps there’s something going on with the Roku version on the TV that causes it.

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@dlrmn Glad to hear that you’re up and running!

it works but it’s slower for the programs to finally display than it was with the previous version of the channel especially since the new version is advertised to be faster.

The updated Roku channel didn’t give me the speed boost I thought it would, but I chalked it up to my old 2XS. However, last night I manually checked for updates on my Roku and got the update. Definitely runs better. I knew that the Roku checks for updates nightly so thought I’d get the Tablo Roku update that way - wrong!

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Found out my wife won’t use our Tablo to watch live TV during work week mornings.
The news shows she watches tell her the current time, which won’t be correct if she inevitably pauses the stream.

Pssst… add the current time to the info displayed when pressing the OK button while watching a program.


The WAF is absolutely hilarious. Tell her not to pause it ever.

Please is there anyway to add maybe 4 profiles so you know who watched what show so you know what to delete?

Just noticed there is no way to stop a currently recording live broadcast before it’s scheduled to end.
Was watching the presidential town hall debate tonight, and since it’s a live broadcast, 50% more time was tacked on to the scheduled 2 hours.
Since the program was actually over around 2 hours and 20 minutes, I wanted to stop the recording before the 3 hour mark.
There is no way to do it via the Roku app.

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I think that is true for all platforms.

I looked at it this morning from my PC, and there is just no way to stop a recording after it has passed its scheduled end time. It is easy to cancel a recording before its end time by hitting the orange Rec button, but once that end time has arrived, the show is no long considered to be “scheduled”, even if it has another hour due to extended recordings.

@TabloTv, is this something that can be addressed? I see the worst of this issue on my NFL recordings, where the game is over, but I can’t stop the recording. The recordings are sometimes over 5 hours.

The only workaround that should work is to use up all available tuners, which forces the Tablo to stop any extended recordings.

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What if you schedule show after the live event to record, then cancel it when the live event is over?

Can’t you just go into the recorded show tab and delete a show that is still recording. It seems to me that I’ve done that a number of times to stop and delete shows that are still recording.

It would also be nice if, for Roku, tablo would keep the previous version of the Roku app in the Roku store - obviously under a different name. It’s getting rather tiring to have a forced install of a new version of the Roku app when it has zero changes of any interest to me.

Yes, you can, but doesn’t help when you want to keep the show.

The live event recording would still continue, because it’s a separate recording from the second recording.

True. When I tested this morning, I did back to back episodes of a show on the same channel… In that five minute window after the first episode was over (but still recording) and the second episode was recording, I was only able to stop the 2nd recording. When I looked at the recording of the first show, it still said “Recording” until the five minute extension was over.

I reported around 2 months ago that if you were watching a recording as it was recording and the recording entered the extended time, if you paused and backed out to an upper menu you could only resume from the beginning.

If a show is scheduled to record and the tablo is out of tuners and a recording is happening in the extended period, it appears that tablo properly stops the extended recording and starts the new recording.

Since tablo prioritizes recordings over Live TV, that leaves approximately 3 combinations to test and make work when the recording is in the extended time frame: pause/resume, stop, delete.

The extend live recording feature is approximately 2 years old. You would think someone at tablo would have tested it by now.

strange - I would have thought since it was on the same channel, it would work.

Hey folks - just letting you know that we’re looking at this. We don’t currently have a timeline or a proposed fix, but if/when this changes we’ll post an update here.

The most logical way to address this issue (and this is just my opinion) would be to add a “stop recording” button on the recordings screen of an episode. There is a message on that screen already that says “Recording now”. Put in code so that when that message is active, a stop recording button is available as well.

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