New Tablo Roku app does not work with Tablo on seperate subnet

My Tablo is on IP address, with multiple Roku devices on 192.168.2.* (192.168.2.* is my wireless “untrusted” network) Before the new Roku app went live, this worked fine. Is there any suggestions on how to get this working?

I assume you don’t want to use wi-fi on your “trusted” network? With a good password and perhaps MAC filtering, it should be pretty safe to do that. Alternatively, you might look in to changing the LAN Subnet Mask in your router to something that will accommodate both subnets. But if you do that, I think you lose the inter-network isolation you’re looking for. In either case, use WPA/WPA2 with a strong password and MAC filtering.

I have never tried that but your Rokus need to be on the lan ie 192.168.0. 55 etc. I reserve all addresses on my network and there is never a problem.

I had similar problems a couple months ago when I had my wireless and hardwired networks in separate subnets. I didn’t spend a lot of time trying to defeat it, but also had no luck. I ended up just putting everything on the same network - for clarity, I have 51 devices on my network, but this configuration was practically an accident - I think I’d started a network reconfiguration and forgot to finish. The Tablo was the only thing to give me fits at all - and when it did, I simply put everything on the same network and moved on. I didn’t bother taking the time to read what ports and such the Tablo utilizes… I just wanted to watch TV.

You could really call the “untrusted” network the “kids” network as it’s setup to automatically disable network connectivity after 9:00 for all wireless devices excluding two phones. This worked great until the new Roku application was released, and in fact works great for my phones and laptops when I go to