New Tablo Quad HDMI ATSC 3.0!

As we mentioned in the note, work is still ongoing.

We just felt it wasn’t right to keep your money without knowing a specific ETA for when we’d be able to deliver the product.


Thanks, I just worried :grinning: as I am selling my TiVo, added the Quad HDMI with 5tb, lifetime guide and all that. So I am commited to Tablo being my main devices and being antenna mostly going to need ATSC 3 down the road.

Could the FCC be trying to push broadcaster.

Probably already posted, but a fun watch:

And yes, repeated suggestions that we’re really still years away from practical deployment use.

Edit: and likely 4+ years away from having any 4K that matters.

Here’s another one from CES, also an interesting view. This one by Antennas Direct

Funny how she sort of didn’t answer the question (i.e. why you can infer at least 4 years). She says “adoption” will help, but you can’t have adoption when there’s nothing (affordable) you can buy (that isn’t poop) and device manufacturers aren’t going to want to try “make” devices nobody is going to want. So, sort of a catch-22. The good news is it means more life for Tablo device holders without spending a ton of money. Buy a new Tablo today? Looks like that’s still a very very viable choice. Also, buying a new TV (good TV) is a viable choice. Government didn’t help this time around via coercion (gotta love the government!!). Without forced mandate, and without any spectrum gifts, market will hold onto “what is” for a longer period of time. But given the “evil” side of ATSC 3.0, maybe that’s a good thing (?). ATSC 3.0, much more exploitable (bad for the end user) tech. Overshadows the good parts of the tech.

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I think you can read between the line of the FCC request for comment document. The FCC doesn’t seem pleased with the DMA penetration. And the FCC wants the big 4 networks in all DMA markets that currently have ATSC 3.0. The FCC has a big hammer and can twist and break arms if it wants to.

I want an ATSC 3.0 tuner to play with for a bit because I like to play with tech. I believe it will be a “game changer” but not in a good way for the consumer. I really doubt it’s going to deliver the promised extra range because if it can they will just cut the power of the transmitters.

Maybe it’s not power. But 8VBS modulation versus OFDM modulation

I have used a SiliconDust HDHomerun ATSC 3.0 tuner for the past year or so (I don’t recall when I purchased it). 99.9% of the viewing is on the ATSC 1.0 channels, mainly because the reliability of the signals for the ATSC 3.0 stations is virtually the same (both are HD - but with different audio encoding), and there are issues because the ATSC 3.0 channels are on low power broadcast towers, and they seem to be constantly tinkering with them, so viewing is unreliable.

Basically, it is a $200 toy at this point…

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I bought my first tablo over 8 years ago. it was an expensive toy at the time. More expensive then an hdhomerun 4K which I also have. Of course the 4K replaced a connect duo which worked fine but was also a toy.

That’s why I don’t have one. Unless my Tablo were to die it’s a toy I might not use much. ATSC 3.0 devices are going to have to hit a lower price point or fix compatibility issues before I buy just to tinker. I’m not even sure 3.0 on the SD units will work in another year because of the encryption issues.

I don’t want a HDMI solution. The STB network solution to encryption is way more complex them HDMI. If I wanted a HDMI solution that handles encryption I suspect I better have an available HDMI port that support HDCP 2.2 or above.

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I second that because I rarely watch on an actual TV.

I’m sure there are planty of current users who have their equipent stuffed in a special room and wouldn’t consider tearing that all apart and relocating their antenna feed to be next to their main TV. And their are those that mainly watch on a phone or tablet.

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I don’t see the point of complaining about the HDMI model, you don’t have to buy it. Tablo can market it to those people that hook up their TV to an antenna but also want DVR functionality without needing an external player. Relevant to ATSC 3 it should also provide AC-4 decoding, something that few external players can do.

people are pointing out the original market was for a network based DVR. So obviously there is a large market for a network based solution. Does the tablo HDMI solution play AC-4 or convert it to PCM. Of course I could buy a Roku ultra 4800 model it includes the ac-4 codec.

I might like to watch ATSC 3.0 on both my main TV and the one in the bedroom. Do I need 2 tablo HDMI units?

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You already know the answer. I am still getting one because I don’t own a TV with an ATSC 3.0 tuner (despite buying two new TVs in 2022) and want to see what it is all about for a reasonable price. I also feel like this Tablo will be used as a blueprint for a network based ATSC 3.0 Tablo a few years later.

It makes perfect sense that a network based solution will be released at some point. The HDMI unit is just a stepping stone to get there.

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While I prefer tablo the answer might be my connect 4K and replace my ancient roku with a 4800 model. Then we’ll have to see whether tablo or nickk solve the network encryption issue

I have the connect 4K, and it has problems. Won’t play audio on my Samsung TV (okay, it is older, but it still gives a great picture after 11 years), Roku won’t play the ATSC 3.0 stations (no audio). The ATSC 3.0 stations are all low powered, and one group of stations is too weak to fully tune the stations from my location. The other group has a lot of down time as they make changes.

With the FireTV sticks/cubes, it works better, but there are still the glitches with the broadcasters…so, I have had them for over a year, and all I watch is ATSC 1.0 (the ATSC 3.0 stations are simply rebroadcasts of the same ATSC 1.0 stations with AC4 audio).

I have to admit I have a technology addiction problem… :smiley:

At this point, I wouldn’t suggest anyone purchase devices based on ATSC 3.0, unless you have my same addiction… It is cool to be the only one in the neighborhood that can watch ATSC 3.0, but reality is I don’t have anything “better” than anyone else.

And to boot, if the encryption, or “no-record” things become a reality, I have a bunch of expensive items that are no better than the ATSC 1.0 counterparts.

Who knows what will happen…