New Tablo Product: Tablo DUAL LITE


I have the older 2-Tuner model. Wife wanted to go back to cable for awhile but decided it was not worth it after a year and I am going to set the tablo back up. From what I have read on this post it seems there is no hardware enhancements except wifi. Is that correct? Has the channel changing speed improved any with newer hardware or just firmware? Trying to decide if the upgrade is worth it. I did pick up the dual lite while on sale at BB for $99 before sale ended but have not opened yet and then I saw this post so I can return it.


None of the newer hardware really improves the channel change speed as it’s not really hardware limited. Having said that, some recent firmware updates have shaved off a second or two. We don’t watch much live so it’s never really been an issue for us.


Thanks for the information. Does the newer hardware have any benefit that would be worth upgrading to other than the wifi?


Wireless AC, Gigabit Ethernet, and a better internal amplified 1x2 tuner in the DUAL Lite. Oh and the ability to use the Tablo CLOUD DVR service if you want. All of this has been covered in the blog post linked in this thread, and also the multiple posts in this thread. Take a read of it all and make an informed decision.


Thanks for the reply. I did read over this thread and the blog and may have just misread as it seems they were more comparing it to the dual 64GB and not the original 2-Tuner model. I will do more research for other threads where people are comparing. I did find one about the tuner and it seemed to that person who had both versions it made no difference and the discussion moved more towards what does 5 green dots really mean.


I’m having no problem with this at all.


I purchased my Lite at Best Buy. I’ll write a review on their site.