New Tablo Product: Tablo DUAL LITE

Hi folks!

It’s a big day here at Tablo HQ! We’ve added to the product family!

Get the details on the new Tablo DUAL LITE on the blog:

So basically identical to the Tablo Dual, just without the 64GB storage built-in? Will the 4 tuner product ever get any update love?

Pretty much, but we were able to wedge a new WiFi chip in there too.

All the details are in the post. :slight_smile:

Perhaps at some point, but there’s nothing in the works at the moment.

Right, I read the post… I was just clarifying in cliff note version. I personally am not sure I see the purpose of this product with the others already released. Seems like it would have just been better to upgrade the wifi in the other Dual instead of having two nearly identical products, unless it’s a race to the cheapest. Guess that’s why I’m not in marketing I guess. Hope it sells well for you.

Have to compete at what, to the consumer, appears to be the competition price point - ChannelMaster Stream+ $140, Hauppauge CordCutter TV $30, etc.

The purpose appears to get the Tablo 2 tuner as close to an entry level price as possible. I still have my 2-tuner from 4 years ago, and if it does fail someday, I would replace it with this. I could easily add one of these to my system as well.

The subscription cost is now more than the cost of the unit (for a new user - lifetime), which may catch some buyers off guard, though I think Tivo is similar (cheap unit - more expensive subscription).

One thing brought up in the ad is the Tablo Cloud Service. While the ad says it is in beta, I haven’t noticed anything in the beta forums about it. And since it will be a subscription service over the internet, I am still trying to figure out what the benefit would be. In a world full of data caps, this seems like it would be a bad idea. The only possible benefit I could see is that you wouldn’t need Tablo Connect anymore, possibly.

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It’s only been in testing with a small number of folks who have compatible hardware in a super-super-secret beta forum :slight_smile:

And the overall benefit is really just providing folks with an option that doesn’t require a physical hard drive. It makes setting up and using Tablo out-of-the-box quite easy.


Will we ever see 5.1 Surround Sound on any of these devices?

We talk about it all the time. Just talked about it on Monday in fact.

That being said, we still haven’t found the right approach/solution to making it happen since not all of the devices we support can handle multichannel audio.

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Does it have USB 3 support or still only USB 2?

Still USB 2 as USB 3 isn’t really required, even when all tuners are in use.

I just finished setting up my new Tablo Dual Lite.
first issue is when tryin to create an account the LITE isn’t pictured when told to select my device, and if I select any of the 3 pictured devise the Serial Number is not valid. Any help?

@Steve_Malin Sounds like you got one early! It wasn’t supposed to be on shelves until April 1st :slightly_smiling_face: - which is why it’s not being accepted in the store at the moment. I’ll send you a DM.

Thank you. I just tried setting up the account again and now the lite IS showing as a device and I was able to enter the SN and complete account set up.

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So what’s the difference between the Lite and the original 2-tuner model? Don’t see anything that stands out as a major difference other than the box it’s in.

Better WiFi chip, just one USB port, and a much lower price.

Can I finally use my NAS?

Personally I see nothing wrong with this. If someone wants 5.1 audio, they will do what they need to make it happen. If that means they need to upgrade their device then so be it.

To be clear, I meant end-point devices… Not Tablo devices.

Let’s say we put a toggle in that says, “Enable 5.1”. Of course everyone’s going to select it because they want the best experience. But then they try to watch it on a smartphone that can’t decode 5.1 sound and they get nothing but crackling… Not a great experience.

We need to figure out how to make it happen, without impacting the overall Tablo experience, and without having to hand people a novel of instructions and what-ifs and diagrams.


The biggest issue I see is the cloud-based DVR - In the case of Tablo, it appears you will actually physically upload the user’s recordings to the cloud, and then stream them back - that’s like a double whammy on those unfortunate souls that live behind data caps.

That’s a big negative against all the cloud-based DVR solutions that centralize recording/storage.

Does it even do a little compression, or is it like all the previous Tablos that will just upload/stream the uncompressed stream?

And who is the cloud storage back-end supplier? Amazon, Google, or …?

I’d like to see the pricing as well. My Google YouTube TV is unlimited storage for $35/month. Includes most local stations (majors only), what I’d call “basic” cable and sports.