NEW - Tablo Preview App Update (v. 1.4.0)

Hi Tablo fans!

There’s a brand new Tablo Preview app update on the way which adds some of the filters you’ve been wishing for!

If you use an Amazon Fire TV or Android TV streaming device to view content from your Tablo and you haven’t checked out the Preview app lately, give it a try.

Also worth noting… Those of you waiting for a fix for the stuttering issue seen on newer Amazon Fire TV devices (the 4K dongle and the new Cube) we believe we have a workaround that will be offered in an upcoming firmware release. Stay tuned!

Tablo Preview App (v. 1.4.0)

  • Adds ‘recent recordings’ filter
  • Adds ‘coming soon’ filter
  • Adds support for Surround Sound in Settings Screen (requires 2.2.22 firmware)
  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to drop us a line or comment below.

Just to head off a potential question that I know I had…

The app remembers the ‘Main menu’ item (e.g Recordings, Live TV, Guide, etc.) not the filtered item so the Recent and Coming soon filters need to be re-selected when going into the Recordings and Scheduled menu items. That differs from how the Roku channel currently works as it remembers the last selected filter.

The WEB app has a Main menu startup section setting and the Roku remembers the Main menu item that any of your tablo units were in.

I have never seen the amazon Fire TV app or Preview Fire TV app remembered the last Main menu item when you disconnect the app from any tablo device and exit the app. You have to disconnect from one tablo unit to connect to a different tablo unit.

And if you have multiple tablo units and you are done using any tablo unit you would normally disconnect and exit the app. Otherwise the next person to use the Fire TV device inherits the tablo unit of the last user.

Not disconnecting can cause some unhappy spouses,etc.

So in the above disconnect situation the Amazon Tablo apps both startup in Live TV. Maybe the 1.4 Tablo Preview has finally fixed that.

Even though I use the Fire TV stick to watch recorded shows, the tablo apps still launch in Live TV after a disconnect.

And the Preview app still takes 17 clicks to reach the disconnect action.

Thanks for adding the current time to the Live TV guide/grid.

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I have been using Tablo for a couple years and just discovered the app. Thank you for developing it. The UI is so much more enjoyable to use. Nothing beats a native app!

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