NEW - Tablo Preview App Update (v. 1.3.0)

Hi folks!

There’s a brand new Tablo Preview app update on the way which has some significant visible and under the hood improvements.

You can expect this app to continue to get closer to the experience you’re used to on the original Tablo Android TV/Fire TV app (minus sync), but this is a big step forward.

If you haven’t tried it yet (or lately) give it a whirl!

Tablo Preview App (v. 1.3.0)

  • Adds filters to both the Recordings & Guide Screens
  • Updated look & feel for settings screen
  • Fix for issue when deleting all recordings for a particular show
  • Improved ‘hint’ messages for the settings screen
  • Many more bug fixes and performance improvements

And before you ask - because I know it’ll be the first question - ‘most recent’ and ‘coming soon’ filters are in the works now for the next app update!

We hope you enjoy it!

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to drop us a line or comment below.

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Please add the current time to the Live TV guide/grid.

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Is this app ever going to be fixed so that it stops launching in the Live TV menu.

I don’t use tablo for live tv. Roku launches in the menu you were last in - even when you have multiple tablos and perform a disconnect. The WEB launches in the setting startup section.

It’s bad enough that the disconnect has moved from the main menu to the settings menu and you have to perform 15 clicks to disconnect.