NEW - Tablo 'Preview' App for Amazon Fire TV & Android TV (v 1.2.0)


When using the Preview version with a Fire TV box, if I tune to one of the “classic” TV channels with an SD broadcast the screen is compressed more than it should be. For example, METV broadcasts many SD programs, but all the commercials and promos fill the screen without distortion. METV zooms to fill the screen a little more and reduce the size of the black bars on the sides a little when broadcasting an old 4x3 program. But on the preview version the black bars are much wider because the width is compressed even more on a 4x3 program. And the 16x9 screen for promos and commercials is not filled width wise like it is on the regular app. This also happens happens when I use the preview app on my Sony Android TV. Is there a setting that fixes this? I can’t seem to find it if there is one.


Please don’t do this. I bought an Amazon Fire TV because I hated the Roku app so much. Please just leave well enough alone. If you want to do something, add the coming up menu. Then have a nice vacation.


Preview app now has enough features for me to use it in my home but I can’t use it at my cabin because it lacks the Connect feature for remote usage. Any idea when Connect will be supported? I now face the dilemma with using the Android TV (mibox) which supports connect but doesn’t support 5.1 Surround so I can’t really turn that on at home or I’ll lose audio at my cabin.


Don’t worry! This does not in any way override the current Tablo app, or keep you from using it. Right now it is a Separate app and you can, in fact, use them side-by-side … switch from one to the other.

They will Not Do Anything to the current app until this one is 100% good, stable, excellent. That’s why they are calling it a preview app. You’re right in wanting to leave well enough alone, and they are doing that. In the mean time, you may enjoy downloading the “Preview” app, swap back and forth between the two and see what you think.