NEW - Tablo 'Preview' App for Amazon Fire TV & Android TV (v 1.2.0)


When using the Preview version with a Fire TV box, if I tune to one of the “classic” TV channels with an SD broadcast the screen is compressed more than it should be. For example, METV broadcasts many SD programs, but all the commercials and promos fill the screen without distortion. METV zooms to fill the screen a little more and reduce the size of the black bars on the sides a little when broadcasting an old 4x3 program. But on the preview version the black bars are much wider because the width is compressed even more on a 4x3 program. And the 16x9 screen for promos and commercials is not filled width wise like it is on the regular app. This also happens happens when I use the preview app on my Sony Android TV. Is there a setting that fixes this? I can’t seem to find it if there is one.


Please don’t do this. I bought an Amazon Fire TV because I hated the Roku app so much. Please just leave well enough alone. If you want to do something, add the coming up menu. Then have a nice vacation.


Preview app now has enough features for me to use it in my home but I can’t use it at my cabin because it lacks the Connect feature for remote usage. Any idea when Connect will be supported? I now face the dilemma with using the Android TV (mibox) which supports connect but doesn’t support 5.1 Surround so I can’t really turn that on at home or I’ll lose audio at my cabin.


Don’t worry! This does not in any way override the current Tablo app, or keep you from using it. Right now it is a Separate app and you can, in fact, use them side-by-side … switch from one to the other.

They will Not Do Anything to the current app until this one is 100% good, stable, excellent. That’s why they are calling it a preview app. You’re right in wanting to leave well enough alone, and they are doing that. In the mean time, you may enjoy downloading the “Preview” app, swap back and forth between the two and see what you think.


Thanks, but I understand what preview means. I’m just saying that I don’t like the Roku app and if their plan is to take the preview that looks just like the roku app and overwrite the amazon app in the future, I vote no.

I don’t want to find my phone every time I want to check the amount of space on my DVR or search for channels. I don’t like that the roku app doesn’t group together shows in the recently recorded screen. The amazon app has more options and a better user interface in my opinion. So thanks, but please no.


Recently, I got the Tablo Preview app for Amazon Fire TV. It works well when it loads at startup, but often it simply goes to a blue or black screen and nothing happens. The only fix I’ve found is to uninstall and then reinstall the app which is inconvenient to say the least.

I suspect this may be part of the development issues, but thought I’d pass it along. For the most part, I have had to stay with the old Tablo app just to keep things simple. I suggest you check this out before replacing the old app permanently.


I am also having issues recently with the preview app on my fire stick. We were not using the preview much because we were used to the other app and just liked using it more. But we forced ourselves to start using it and liked that it did not have to sync. Then about a week ago it started to not load. We click to start it but only get an empty dark screen. And it never loads. The only way I can get it to work is to restart the fire stick. But a day or so later it happens again. We have stopped using it for now. I assume nothing changed on the Tablo end and wonder if it was an update pushed to the fire stick that broke the Tablo app.


Same issues here. They did something along the line that borked things. Glad it’s not the official app.


In the Recordings – it seems when you go to the left (filter view) and select “Recent”/“Most Recent” it no longer shows it as a nice grid (just like the default “All” view).

The current stable app does a really good job to mimic the web interface in showing the full grid sorted.

Would it be possible to bring that back?


The error I’ve seen on the stick is when playing a recording a gray screen with a video play error message in the middle. It also has a retry option that never appears to work.

I rarely use the fire tv stick for anything tablo but I’ve seen this player error 4-5 times.

It seems to clear if you reboot the stick.

But welcome to the world of a preview app. Something like a runaway train that will soon roll into/replace the regular app.


I recently have had the issue of the Tablo Preview app only displaying a blank blue screen at startup. This happens with both my Roku Ultra and Amazon Fire TV Stick. Seems the problem lies with the app because I have rebooted the Tablo tuner, and the problem still exists. Also, the legacy Tablo web-based app seems to work fine. I’d appreciate it if they could fix the preview app since it is much faster and does not have to sync like the legacy app.


How can this be happening on your Roku Ultra, when the app is an Amazon / Android TV app? You’re overlooking something here … there is no such thing as a Preview App for Roku.

As to your Fire TV … you might have some luck with the regular (non-preview) app for Amazon. You can use this right along side the Amazon Preview app, see if one works, where the other doesn’t. Any problems you encounter with Roku are stemming from something other than the Preview app, though.


Why don’t you file help ticket with Tablo Support and they will help you and explain things also. They will be back in the office in the morning so you could send one in tonight and be early on the list. They will help you and get everything squared away. Cheers, J


No more Sync is a big plus for this App… Love it… Some improvements I’d like to see in this App is make the up/down scroller on channels endless so we can directly jump right to the 1st and last channel… This is handy when you have more than 20 channels to surf around… Also, the side menu is covering almost half of my TV by default… Is there a way to make those menus hide by default? or make it a 5sec splash and autohides itself would be good too… Thanks!


Thanks for the reply. I had contacted Tablo support, but was just curious if any other users were experiencing this problem to make sure there wasn’t an issue with a new version of app. Turns out that it was simply a matter of deleting my cache on the Fire TV Stick.


They’re probably working on a scroll & last channel feature for this. These new, recently-released functions have worked out beautifully on the ROKU app. Since that update, I’ve been using my Roku for Tablo most of the time. Another thing I prefer on the Roku app, is the Interface. The Preview App for Amazon is the same GUI as that of Google TV. It’s alright, better before the change though (in my view).