New Tablo owner (1 week) and no recordings showing up from thur or for

Maybe I have the database problem, maybe I don’t. Brand new TiVo, just setup last Saturday. Set up recordings, worked fine till Thurs where it should of recorded 5 programs and none are showing up on roku or Android or web app.

5 programs:

  • blacklist @ 9pm
  • bones @ 8pm
  • greys @ 8pm
  • elementary @ 10pm
  • sleepy hollow @ 9

Nothing recorded last night as well (Friday, so grimm and blue bloods)

I have a 4 tuner, but the max simultaneous was just 2 so no issue there. Another weird thing was Roku preview app- last night(Friday) was still listing all those Thursday shows as upcoming scheduled recordings… So, almost like clock was screwed up.

So … Is this consistent with the firmware bug? Reading the CEO statement seems like it should be less likely a brand new Tablo would have the issue right?

This is not helping selling cutting the cord to my wife. Luckily we still have cable in parallel for the moment.

Ticket submitted. Should I try to reschedule all these programs (given some previous advice I saw) or just leave it alone to give tech support most information. Maybe worth signing up for beta cause if I can’t get this fixed asap I’m prob going to return it unfortunately (like it, just has to do its primary function … Record… With zero trust issues!)

What firmware are you running on said Tablo?

What is the make and model of your HDD?

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Lol you know he meant Tablo :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha sorry. :slight_smile:


Hard drive is western digital elements, 1TB.

It recorded stuff sun thru tue fine. Had nothing to record on Wednesday, then failed completely Thurs and yesterday so far to record. I rebooted the Tablo this morning just for giggles.

Those WD drives can have HDD disconnect issues. This can be fixed sometimes by upgrading the firmware on the HDD.

Download the WD Utility. Connect the HD to your computer and upgrade the firmware.

Will do. I got the elements line one as it was recommended on the Tablo site, so hm

Yeah I know it is recommended but sometimes it has happened.

Even if the WD Utility reports it is the newest firmware, “force” an update to re-install the firmware. This has fixed the issue for many, just doing a re-install of the current version.

Ok forced update (I did get the ‘already latest’ message), was/still is at 1.65. Came up as a WD Elements 2.5 . P/N from bottom is WDBUZG0010BBK-04.

So is this a “time will tell” kind of fix or should I try to record things or do anything else on tablo side?

You can put something to record from 12 - 1 pm and see how it goes.

You might want to power cycle the Tablo after re-connecting the USB HDD, just hit the little blue button on the back.

k will setup some test simultaneous recordings:

  • Notre Dame Game
  • English league soccer
  • and a couple of random stuff in between to have it occasionally peak at 4 tuners

So if all that survives, chances are good things have improved?

Will tech support, when they start looking at my ticket be able to look at the logs and determine for sure all the failed recordings were because HD was disconnected vs some other cause?

In my pre-Tablo days, when I cobbled together my own DVR system, I had a Seagate drive that would fall asleep and sometimes never wake up. I wrote a little utility program that would wake up every so often and try to read a dummy file from the Seagate. If it failed to access the drive, it would send me an email to go down to the basement and kick the Seagate’s butt into action. Perhaps the Tablo could in the future see if a drive was available or not and send the user an email before hours of non-recording went by while the bear was hibernating…

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Well hopefully your still in your 30 day freebie period, it will make it easier when you go to dump your Tablo on Ebay after you realize what a piece of crap it is.
And I wouldn’t hold your breath on their support, their 24 hrs to respond to a e-mail will take a week just to get thru the basics of troubleshooting.

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There’s no need to call people fanboys. People are here to help others, you are not offering any help. Please refrain from posting unless it is trying to resolve the OP’s issue.

Update: recorded everything I asked it to yesterday… However the ‘loading please wait’ Roku app and jumping back to same spoylt on live tv was getting ridiculous (so, separate issue). Especially when I could watch it on my phone with no issues (both cases, Tablo hardwired, client wireless). Hardlining the Roku seems to have helped so… But certainly not great newbie experience.

So tonight will be first attempt of it recording stuff from the schedules I setup back on day one so we’ll see how that goes.

The LPW issue before 2.2.6 firmware update as generally just do to poor WiFi speeds on the playback device. But if you’re seeing it with a hard wired device, it is likely due to the issue with 2.2.6.

What is your recording quality on the Tablo? The Roku player cannot decode the 720p 60 fps video included in the “1080p 10 Mbps” setting.

Since when?

I am running the 720p ‘recommended’. The other thing I did at the same time as hardlining the Roku was from the Android app turn off ‘fast start livetv’ after seeing some past recommendations. So somewhere between both those the constant reloading is gone, I think.

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