NEW - Tablo Firmware Release 2.2.32

The UI on looks OK, but its difficult to discern any degradation as the text is so small. I am seeing some stuttering issues in Live TV and the picture quality on HD channels looks like standard definition. I didn’t have these issues before installing the firmware a few hours ago.

There is consideration for a router reboot. Even though your Tablo is hardwired, the issue reads like a throughput concern.

I considered that option. I guess I’ll give it a shot. I tested my internet speed and it’s currently 920 Mbps.

I just tried to change the channel on my Tablo and it took about 40 seconds to tune in. It’s never been more than 10 and usually takes about 4. It’s still buffering too. There is definitely something wrong.

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Does it take 40 seconds to tune a channel when using the website on a computer?

Roku units can be funky and flaky, I had issues with AirPlay 2 on my Roku Premiere+, the only thing that fixed it after weeks of troubleshooting was to factory reset the Roku. It is really easy to do and you do not lose your channels / apps. Once you re-link the Roku to your Roku account it just downloads all the channels / apps again. Give it a try.

I may give that a try. The only problem is that when you factory reset a Roku you have to sign in to most of your subscription service apps again. I have about 60 apps on my 5 Roku devices.

You have 60 active subscriptions? Whoa.

Aside from that fact, 60 apps on a Roku can cause problems if the Roku doesn’t have enough storage. What is the make and model of your Roku?

Not all of my 60 apps are paid services. I would still say that the majority of them require some form of sign in such as Youtube, Hulu, Plex, Netflix, Disney+, HBOMax, Prime Video, Disney+, AppleTv+, Spotify, Sirius XM, ESPN, Pandora.

I have 3 Roku Ultra Devices and 2 Roku Sticks, all of which are 1-2 years old. The Roku Ultra devices have a memory card inserted to boost the internal storage.

And you’re noticing this picture quality degradation on all 5 Roku devices? Very odd.

Yes. I realize that it seems odd and I’m fairly sure that a firmware update shouldn’t affect the picture quality, especially on the UI. But there is a marked difference from yesterday (pre firmware update). As I mentioned, everything looks soft, with blocky artifacts and jagged lines on the image. It looks like interlaced 480 resolution video from 15 years ago.

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If you truly believe this contact support, if they can’t otherwise help, they do have a process to rollback your firmware.

It’s discussed around here, but I strongly suggest you get assistance before/while using it.

I upgraded and then I got this “No storage connected.” and I can’t seem to solve the issue – what do I do?

Help. I agreed to firmware upgrade today Feb 12 2021 but hours and hours later have circle of death. Unable to connect w Tablo Quad. Tried power cycle and quick reset. Still circle of death. I love my Tablo, need to get back up.

UPDATE: I removed Tablo app from Sony Bravia 4K TV. Then reloaded Tablo app on TV. This fixed my circle of death issue. Tablo Firmware 2.2.32. All is well.

Just upgraded. All sorts of issues. For starters, “Active Channels” list shows many channels twice.
Tried restarting several times, re-scanning several times, re-adding to guide several times, but the problems persist.

Screen Shot 2021-02-13 at 8.25.18 AM|321x500

These channels also show up twice in “guide” as well.

For some channels, when I select them in guide I get “Player Error: Channel does not exist”.


Did you try changing the zip code in Tablo guide settings? That is if you have another zip code you can use. Many years ago all of my channels disappeared, not sure if it was after a firmware update. Posted it to this forum and was suggested to change my zip code then rescan. It fixed it. I live in a city with two zip codes so I knew they both should pull in the same channel line up. I never changed it back to my zip code and has worked fine all these years.

No one ever explained why my original zip code no longer worked.

Just did the update and saw no difference. I was hoping I would have seen the ability to download shows on a Mac, iPad or iPhone. Still not there? When is that coming. Been promised for a longtime.

I didn’t know it had been promised for a long time.

I always thought there were 3rd party apps that did that.

Maybe when it works on all platforms not just the apple ecosystem.

Read the release notes.

A July 2017 responds to a question said it was on the roadmap. No date was given. Usually, when something is on the roadmap, it is hoped to be completed in a short while. It’s now 3.5 years later. This is the string:

Did not see anything listed. What did I miss?

If you missed anything it would be that it wasn’t included in the release.

A small product’s roadmap could have 100’s of items on it. Including maintenance fixes.

New items appear. And every budget cycle things get prioritized.

But did 2 items drop off of the how things work web page.