NEW - Tablo Firmware Release 2.2.22


Correct, the setting changes the behaviour for all inactive tuners immediately, but is delayed for currently active tuners.
I would reboot the Tablo after changing the surround sound setting just to make sure all tuners will use the new setting.


After using 2.2.22 for a few weeks, I have noticed an issue with audio stop working. I have 4 miBox’s. Two of them are local and using the preview version. The other 2 are remote at my cabin and still use the non-preview version. Both the remote boxes stop playing audio this weekend at one point and I had to restart the mibox which corrected the problem. I didn’t have a problem with audio after this restart but I am suspecting the surround sound feature caused this but I haven’t confirmed it. My surround sound feature is on. I have not experienced this problem before and I have been using these devices remotely for 6 months.


Another finding with this newest firmware release is that my LG OLED tv started loosing sound volume and quality on playback of a recording…so much that I reached max volume. I turned off the Surround Sound feature in Tablo using Preview App version on Android device and issue went away. I don’t really want to spend time with support to debug and deal with this issue so I’m just leaving the feature off for now. Just posting this discovery in case others experience the same issue.


Also have no sound issue when playing back in Preview. Got to restart several times before sound comes back, I will turn off surround and see if problem goes away.


How about a split screen or PIP on the Apple TV App??


My solution to not being able to hear sound with programs recorded in Surround 5.1 on a PC: Load the Tablo addon in Kodi which is available through the generic Kodi Addons Repository installed with Kodi. Open the addon, sync to your Tablo and PRESTO! I can have my cake and eat it too. Sure would be nice to get an Android and PC app that can do this.