New Tablo Dual w/64GB

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Congrats on the new product. Looks great, I like the form factor.

Here’s why I would stick to my older model.
Quad tuner. I don’t know the split between the two products (is the dual more popular than the quad?). Anyhow, the amount of ram and the fact that I can have more channels being watch/recorded in parallel was a must for us.

Storage. 64GB is not very big. Channel master’s 1TB option was decent as a comparison (let’s face it, most consumers compare). I prefer the overall offer Tablo has. But come on, 64GB? 128GB USB sticks are so mainstream, Costco carries them. Check the Kanata warehouse. In my opinion, more option in the storage category is warranted here. I don’t like having a dangling external drive from my unit. If a 1TB option was available, I would consider this even if just dual.

I hope you are planning on making a Tablo … Quad?

By the same token: ability to export recording into iTunes would be great. The subscription is great, you get all the metadata related to the show. Why not export all of that in a wrapper and send to iTunes? The encoding you are using is H.264 right? On the software front, both generations can benefit from that.

Good luck, I hope the product does well and will consider my suggestions at the same time.

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