New Tablo DUAL not working with G-Technology G-Drive

I’ve been using the Tablo DUAL for a few weeks with it’s 64GB of internal storage with no issues. Yesterday I decided to add an external drive. The drive is a g-technology 2TB G-Drive. It’s the pre-thunderbolt version but supports USB 3.0. This drive shows as an approved drive on the working drives thread.

After formatting and testing the drive on my windows 10 pc, I plugged it into the Tablo DUAL. It is immediately recognized and I am allowed to format the drive. Immediately after formatting, the drive appears to work. It shows up in settings and displays the 2TB drive size correctly. I can watch live streams and play back recorded videos.

I don’t think I can record to the drive because all the recorded videos that play back were recorded to the 64GB internal storage. After the drive has been connected for a few hours I lose the ability to stream live video. And new videos fail to record. When I try to stream a live channel I get “Player Error - Unable to Watchlive - no space on disk.” This is despite the fact the, in settings, I can see that the G-Drive has 2TB of free space.

I tried running diagnostics on the drive on my PC and checked for firmware updates. No errors. No updates. I reformatted to the Tablo DUAL again with the same errors.

The only other thing I can think of, that could be causing an issue, is that I’m using a USB 2.0 cable. I don’t have a compatible USB 3.0 cable for this drive yet (I have one on order). I’ve read that USB 3.0 handles power management better. I also tried a second USB 2.0 cable and got the same errors.

I was also wondering if maybe I needed to do a factory reset. Then setup the Tablo DUAL with the new drive connected. Could the fact that the 64GB internal storage has recordings be causing the issues I’m experiencing. I would prefer not to have to do this because I’d like to keep the shows I’ve already recorded.

For some reason your drive is powering down into power saving mode. Send it back and get a different model from what I see on the web this is a common issue for this model drive.