New Tablo can't be seen

This is my second Tablo box so, I’m not new to the Tablo world. I had to replace my old tablo with a Tablo Dual Lite. The problem is that I have a solid light in front and the two LED lights are on, on blinking, but I can not seem to connect. Using the app on computer and phone, it will not connect. The Tablo is connected via hard wired. I tried using the WiFi connect but I am not seeing the Tablo wi-fi connect on my wi-fi network. Help please!

As long as the Tablo is connected via Ethernet it won’t use its WiFi module.

If you want to continue via WiFi you’ll need to disconnect the Ethernet connection and reboot the Tablo. Once you do, it should be blinking and displaying its unique WIFi network.

If you want to continue with Ethernet, you’ll need to scan for new Tablos as you’re probably still trying to connect to your older one.

Did the old one have a unique name? If not, it can be confusing to know which is which.