New Tablo - Can you watch a show from begining while still recording

Hello! Just checking if this is a feature in the new version of tablo. We watch and record Good Morning America most morning. It starts at 7 and ends at 9, but we get up at 7:30 and we like to watch from the beginning. Is that possible in the new model?

You can do that with the 4th gen Tablo except on Android phones. There is a recent thread about that limitation.

Just go to “Library” and select the show/episode that is recording. It will play from the beginning. Or you can just go to live tv, select the show, and rewind to the beginning.

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Apple devices are an exception to this as well.

Technically referred to as “time-shifting”.

Why not just setup a record of the show from 7-9am which you can go to your library and begin watching at 7:30am but rewind back to start time and watch while it continues to record. I do that with sports when I won’t make it in time to watch from the start and then I can skip the commercials till recording catches up with live time?

I have the new 4th gen Tablo and do that now.