NEW - Tablo Apps for Amazon Fire TV & Android TV (v 1.4.1)

Hi all -

An app update for your Amazon Fire TV boxes, sticks, (and now Smart TVs) as well as Android TV devices like Nvidia Shield and Xiaomi Mi Boxes is on its way.

Your devices should receive an update notification (unless you have auto update selected) for version 1.4.1 in the coming hours.

(NOTE - this is the ORIGINAL app, not the PREVIEW version.)

This update adds advanced recording features when paired with firmware 2.2.18.

Tablo Android TV & Amazon Fire TV update v 1.4.1

• Adds ‘Stop’ button to allow unscheduling of in-progress recordings
• Adds advanced recording scheduling options

We hope you enjoy these updates!

If you have any problems, please post below or pop a note to our helpful team of support gurus and they’ll give you a hand:

How do I update my Fire TV Stick App? There’s no obvious way to do this in the app/

Unless you’ve tweaked your overall settings, your Fire stick should handle all updates automatically.

Otherwise you’ll need to go to the Amazon Fire TV app store to see the update.

How would I have tweaked my settings? When I go to settings in the app, there’s nothing there that talks about firmware updates.

Your device level settings on your Fire TV stick, not within the Tablo app.

And this will only handle/affect updates for the apps on your Fire stick, not Tablo firmware updates.

You will receive a notification for Tablo firmware updates within the Tablo app, but only when the update has been made available for your device. As all firmware updates are done in staged random rollouts you may not have access yet.

I had to delete the Tablo App from my fire and download it again. After that it worked OK and the DVR new features were there. The Roku seemed to work automatically. I could not get my Windows 10 Surface to work though with the new DVR options. They just do not show up, is there an update for the Windows 10 APP??

This is the exact same app that is used for Xbox. You’ll have to wait a bit longer for that to be updated with the new features.

OK thanks did not realize that will wait. Not a big deal as I can log on via the web connect.

There might be some misinformation above.

I think if you you put you Fire Stick in sleep mode you will not get updates. And when I woke my Fire Stick up, it didn’t seem to get the updates - or at least not within 10-25 minutes. As I ran the old tablo app a number of times to verify it’s version number.

I had to get on Amazon and force an update.

And even then it was not immediate - as Amazon implied. Maybe because my Fire Stick had been sleeping for 3 weeks.