NEW - Tablo Apple TV Update (v. 1.0.1)

Hi everyone -

An update for the Tablo app for Apple TV is now available. This is a maintenance release so no new features but it does address some oddities seen in the launch version of the app.

Fear not - we are working on subsequent updates that will add additional features and screens as we work towards having Apple TV reach feature parity with other apps.

In the meantime, here’s the details on the changes you’ll see.

Release Notes for Tablo Apple TV App - v1.0.1

  • Fix for bug that occasionally hid Live TV grid guide cells
  • Fix for bug where Live TV grid guide did not always refresh as intended
  • Fix for bug where audio continued to play if Tablo disconnected during playback
  • Improvements for handling of disconnections between Tablo hardware and the app
  • Minor layout and design improvements

If you have any feedback about this release, please let us know below, or send a note to our helpful support team via the ticketing system here.

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I’ve updated to 1.0.1 after having run the betas and, unfortunately, the issue with the grid not refreshing is still present as is the issue handling disconnections. I still regularly see the grid issue and I see the “Unknown Error” at the conclusion of nearly every session of watching live TV. I know this was reported during the beta and, frankly, I don’t understand why the beta was released with the targeted issues unresolved.

You have an awesome potential here. You have a great product concept and the market is ripe to rip cords out of households all over North America. The one piece you’re are sorely missing is the user experience.

I suspect I am more or less a typical cored cutter. That is, the husband/father/techie driving the cord cutting in the household. We can be very persuasive as cord cutters and bring our wives/families along. However, if we have to continue to bring them along “kicking and screaming” because of a poor user experience we will ultimately lose the battle and, thus, you will lose the customer.

You have to understand that the casual user - which is most definitely a part of your user base - is used to and expects an experience akin to dial tone. That’s the way, for the most part, that OTA, cable and satellite TV behave and that should be the bar with which you measure against.

If you expect to be successful in this marketplace, and we all want you to be, then please commit to resolving these glaring (albeit not the most technically high priority) issues otherwise we will all lose the battle and the war.

As much as I love your product concept I am personally getting tired of telling my wife that she can skip over the error messages as they are more or less meaningless. I am actively looking for alternatives to this situation. Fortunately so far I have not encountered a better one that Tablo.


I still can not load recorded show on the apple TV.
I can load recorded show on my roku 2. Iphone and computer. So the problem is probably not the tablo device
Recorded show used to load on the apple TV app for a few day but not anymore.
I have my tablo for a little more than a week now.

i have uninstalled and reinstall the Tablo the problem is still there.