NEW - Tablo Apple TV App Update (v. 1.5.0 & 1.5.1)

Hi Everyone!

We’ve got a new app update making its way to you which includes something neat specifically for Apple TV users - integration with the Apple ‘top shelf’ feature!

To use ‘Top Shelf’ the Tablo app must be in the top row on the home screen of your Apple TV.

The last 7 days of recordings are displayed, but are limited to a max 30 items.

When you highlight one of the recordings in the ‘Top Shelf’ and you press the PLAY button on the remote it’ll jump straight into playback. If you press Select it’ll deep link to the recording details screen in the app.

It also adds some new options to the ‘keep X’ function introduced in 2.2.18.

Tablo App for tvOS (v. 1.5.0)
• Adds most Recent Recordings to Top Shelf
• Adds 10 and 20 to Keep Limit options
• Updated look & feel for settings screen
• Adds Tablo Cloud DVR management screens (only for Tablo DUAL LITE)

Tablo App for tvOS (v. 1.5.1)
• Fixed bug that resulted in ‘Not Found’ error message when deleting the last recording in a series

We hope you enjoy this update!

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to drop us a line or comment below.

Excellent update to Apple TV 4 here, working great the only thing I’d like to see is the number of series recordings maybe in the top right-hand corner of thumbnail . I know once you click on the thumbnail it takes you into the recording and you can see how many recordings there are.

but it is great that it shows …yesterday and what day it was recorded

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Coincident with this update, I’m seeing behavior that I don’t believe is the design intent.

AppleTV app ver 1.5.0, Tablo firmware 2.2.18

After watching a recorded show, I move down and press Delete. It processes for a few minutes, then gives me a message of “Failed to Load. Item has been deleted. Retry?” As if it didn’t already know the program had been deleted. I just cancel to go on, but this is an annoyance.

Any advice?

I’m seeing the same thing. Just a minor thing. I absolutely love this update for the Apple TV! Having my recently recorded shows accessible right from the home screen is awesome!!!

Hi Stan - This is something we’re aware of and should only happen when you delete the last episode in a series.

It will be fixed in the next update.

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When will we be able to select to Record off the Live TV screen? That’s all I’ve been waiting for ever since the Apple TV 4 was released.

You can do that today…

Select a show from the Live TV grid, hit enter on the remote (not PLAY) and you should get a screen that looks a little like this… (It will also have the options bar for advanced recordings):

I’m guessing the user is saying, “hit record” while watching Live TV (??)… maybe??

Ahhhh… from the playback window.

Nope, that’s not something we’ve implemented on any supported devices at the moment.

Still something we have talked about, but it’s a bigger job than it might seem as we often use the standard device player software for compatibility reasons. This limits our ability to tweak the controls within the playback window itself.

We used to be able to toggle a scheduled recording on or off from the Live TV grid, by selecting an event, and pressing the asterisk button on our Roku remote.
Really miss that feature.

Hmmm. Whenever I select any show on the Live TV grid, it simply goes to the the live feed of that channel. For instance, it’s 4:42pm right now. If I select a show at 6:00pm, it just goes to the live feed.

Do you have an active subscription? If not, then yes, that would be the behavior.

These new features are not working properly on my Tablo. Using my appletv or my iOS on my iPhone, I can select an existing scheduled recording, change it to “keep 10”, and it will ask me if I’m sure I want to delete the other 34 recordings. However, when I hit save, the iOS spins and finishes and doesn’t change the option. The appletv also will say it worked, but when I go back in and check it goes back to no options selected.


It appears a reboot fixes the problem. It would be nice to have a reboot option in the app somewhere instead of having to press the reset button.

Sorry to hear that :frowning: The team would like to take a closer look at the logs from your Tablo to see why this might be happening.

Can you touch base with support and reference this thread so we can start that process?

Hi everyone -

We just pushed a tiny update to the Tablo Apple TV app that corrects the ‘Not Found’ error message when deleting the last recording in a series.

This is update 1.5.1.

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Noticed that today. Thanks.

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@TabloTV Just wanted to say that your AppleTV app is a BIG reason why I selected your product; that and your 4tuner model. My satisfaction after one week was such that I purchased a lifetime subscription. Now it’s time to provide access to the full guide on AppleTV. All I can access is the live TV guide. Where are the Primetime, tv shows and movies guides?

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In the works!

This is by far the most labor intensive part of any Tablo app build, but we’re working on it right now. No firm ETA yet as there’s more code to write, QA, and beta to get through… But it’s coming!