NEW - Tablo Android Mobile Update (v. 1.9.31)

Hi there everyone,

An update is on the way for Android mobile devices!

You should receive a Play Store notification shortly.

Here’s what you can expect:

Tablo Android Mobile Update (v.1.9.31)

  • Change to Wi-Fi setup for devices on Android 10 and above
  • Other bug fixes & performance improvements

About This Release

Recent changes to networking protocols on mobile devices running Android 10+ were causing difficulty with Wi-Fi setup on the Tablo app. This update changes Tablo’s Wi-Fi setup process for those devices to help ensure successful outcomes.

The setup wizard will now instruct you to connect your Tablo TEMPORARILY to your home router using an Ethernet cable first. Fear not, your Tablo only needs to be near your router during this part of setup and can be moved to your desired location when the setting of Wi-Fi credentials is complete.

If your device is older and using Android 9 or lower, nothing will be changing for you.

Beyond that, there should be no other visible changes. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, leave a comment below or drop us a line.

“Fully refreshed” Android app still coming soon?

Casting now appears to be broken for me. When I attempt it, the app either crashes or kicks me back to the connection routine. I’m on a Pixel 7, trying to cast to a Next Hub Max.

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I also cannot cast, like @Gregly
However, I never tried casting before this version, so I don’t know when it broke.

Android YouTube app casts successfully to the same devices that the Tablo app does not.

Google Pixel 4a with Android OS v13
Android Tablo app v1.9.31
Google Hub 2nd gen
Google Chromecast with Google TV (4K)

Hi all,

Indeed, casting functionality appears to have unfortunately been broken on this new app version. We are looking into a fix now, though we have no immediate timetable.

Thanks! My mother loves your device so much, she uses it more than me! She told me about the casting bug. Please fix asap. No one likes mothers who are upset with technology! Lol

Any update? Casting is a critical functionality for us.

Unfortunately, the issue looks to be more complex than initially thought. We will update in the future if a fix can be found, but we still don’t yet have any timeline.

Can you post a link to the older file, so we can install the old one back?

My Android v13 can’t cast to Chromecast since latest Tablo update 1.9.31. When will this be fixed?

I just got the new Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and the Tablo app won’t even find my Quad HDMI. I think its due to it being the HDMI model, but saw this topic so figured to say something in case. Not even sure what Android it has, so new only couple days.

Correct. HDMI model only connects to certain streaming boxes directly connected to tvs, so no phones.