New Tablo and Roku TV now all the fun

Been playing for a few days with setting this stuff up I learned a few things along the way. Been having freeze ups on live TV on the Roku end while in the Tablo. It also occurred on the recorded stuff also.

The Tablo is attached directly to the router with a 6A Ethernet cable. The Roku TV can only attach to the network through WIFI.

I found that the ROKU WIFI strength indicator Excellent signal is pretty meaningless. I ran a test of speed with VUDU Roku App. In the setting they have a throughput speed test. Understand I have 30 Megabyte internet Tabo on Ethernet connection the only thing that was left is the WIFI to ROKU hop.

I ran the test at first on VUDU it showed barely good enough throughput for HD 1080 Movies. This test actually test what you got to the ROKU.

I then realized that I needed to relocate my WIFI cable modem Basically I had it setting on a big metal Thumping speaker for surround sound. So I moved it clear and did a recheck.

I reloaded the Roku settings and redid the wifi connection to freshen it up.
It Still Gave me the great Excellent signal strength reading. Then I went to VUDU and ran the test under its settings for throughput. WE MAXED IT…

So far I have had no more stuttering on live TV or any recorded TV. I figure my mistake was made because my stations all broadcast at 1080I that WIFI being messed was causing all my trouble.

Problem fixed and now happy have a great day everyone.

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You have given me food for thought. My wireless router is sitting on top of a metal utility shelf. I had been thinking of relocating it to somewhere closer to the middle of the house (just need to get a longer internet wire so I can move it).

I have a question for you @Ghostmaker - is that internet speed test part of the Roku or part of the Vudu app?

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Add VUDU in Roku. Then go to them and use the settings in Vudu you will see the speed test. Make sure you reset the Roku’s WIFI prior to the test. I found it after I did before the move test then I moved it and retested it was an amazing change in throughput. Hopefully you will get max speeds.