NEW - Tablo Amazon Fire TV/Android TV App Update (v. 2.1.0)

Happy Friday everyone -

A new update will arrive shortly for the Tablo app on Amazon Fire TV and Android TV devices.

Here’s what you can expect:

Tablo Amazon Fire TV/Android TV App Update (v. 2.1.0)

  • Adds support for Tablo DUAL HDMI
  • Significant performance improvements across the app
  • Other minor bug fixes


We hope you enjoy the faster, more responsive navigation.

If you have any questions or any issues with this update, feel free to post them below or touch base directly with support.


I keep getting unknown err never had this before. Could this be because of a update?

Hard to say without taking a look, but we’d be happy to help out. Can you send the details to our support team?

Well, I have to say it DOES seem much better,. Live TV guide populates much faster. I was experiencing some “oddities” after the update but forcing the app to stop and clearing the cache seems to have fixed it. Thanks for the improvement!!



To the tech elves at Tablo,
With this update for Fire TV and Android TV, the app, since it’s android OS based it should be easily adapted to other non-Amazon/Shield (i.e. Android TV) generic android platforms (tablets, phones , android , minix tv box, vorke tv box, etc.). The standard app (V.1.8.8) that runs on these devices has not been updated with some on the new features (dark-mode, faster sync, performance improvements, etc) and is at least a couple of revs behind. These orphan devices deserve the same love as their more famous siblings.


@dy57 - We are planning a big refresh of the Android mobile app for phones and tablets. No ETA for that but it’s the next big task for our Android team.

However, we can’t guarantee how great that update might perform on these generic Android boxes that are running a mobile OS instead of the Android TV OS as they should.

There’s a reason why we recommend the devices that we do because they follow a set of standards laid out for television-connected Android devices. That means we know what to expect in terms of how our app should behave and that the devices will receive regular updates and support.


I don’t know if any others are seeing any issues but with this latest version of the Android TV app operating on the Shield we have experienced:

  • Excessive application load times. It takes ~ 30 seconds for the app to load if it has been closed. Once open, navigation is fine.

  • The second is that we can scroll on the guide to look maybe three hours ahead and “An unknown error occurred” will pop up and kick us back to the start of the guide. This is fairly consistent anytime we scroll past the current hour of shows. It almost appears to be tied to the guide attempting to populate the grid. We only have 11 channels selected to tune in so that things should help load more quickly.

  • The last item is more of a pet peeve but when we go to scroll on the guide it seems to take longer than I would expect to populate shows on the guide. Shows that were populated tend to disappear as we scroll and then slowly return when we stop moving the cursor.

All of this is running on a wired network with an OG 4-tuner running 2.2.30. The first item is the main one related to this app update as the others have been present but maybe not with the frequency until the latest update.

Thanks for your teams continued support on adding more features to the platform as it has come a long way over the 5+ years we have utilized the Tablo!