New SSD and Commercial Skip

I replaced my hard drive and now all my recordings say “Commercial Skip upload failed.” I went from an HDD to an SSD SAMSUNG 870 EVO internal. I have a Tablo 4 turner Legacy. CC is on in my settings. Any help?

When you say “replaced my hard drive”, do you mean you simply disconnected the existing HDD (either losing the recordings on it because they don’t exist on the new SSD or no records were on it/losing them was not a concern) and connected the SSD and let Tablo format the SSD?

My old HDD hard drive was having problems. So I replaced it with an SSD hard drive on Friday the 2nd. All new recordings on the new hard drive have this message “Commercial Skip upload failed.”

I see on other threads that the Legacy server was down. Could this be the problem?

I believe the commercial skip server is a a different specific server(s), but I’m wondering if whatever is preventing people from accessing is indeed the same root issue that could be causing issues with the commercial skip server(s) as well so you may be on to something.

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I’ll give it a couple days and see what happens. This has happened before. It just seems strange that it happened right when I changed out my hard drive!

Indeed. I think in this case that’s coincidental since you said this are new records to the new SSD. Sounds like the issues may have started late Friday/early Saturday.

It is indeed. Automatic Commercial Skip was also affected.

We’re investigating now.

Stay tuned.