New season of Roseanne

New Roseanne starts this coming week. If you only want new, select new only. If you want to limit it to ABC, use the new options and limit it to your ABC channel.

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On CTV in Canada too.

I’ve got mine set up to record only the new episodes, tho I’m reluctant to specify a channel. If for some reason the show moves to another channel, as we saw with Supergirl, recordings won’t automatically follow the show to the new channel. Better would have been to call it The New Roseanne show, so it wouldn’t show as Season 10 of the old Roseanne show.

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I set it to record last night, using options channel 24.2 like I said. When I got home, imagen my surprise when I didcovered it did NOT record. I know I didn’t test that option during the beta. I wonder if anyone did. I changed it to record nee episoded only. I already have a tocket open for the problem. @TabloTV do you know if anyone tried telling it whT channel to record?

I have a few shows set up for specific channels and it works fine here. I did not for Roseanne as its only available on one channel.