New Router, lost port forwarding

I got a new router yesterday, ASUS AC5300. Watching Tablo while away from home is very important to me, so after setting up the router, the first thing I tried to do was enable port forwarding. I tried and tried and no joy. I even tried to pay to have a company set it up for 40 bucks and zip. I have a Mac and their software is Windows.
I get into the port forwarding settings of my new router. I have the Tablo’s IP address and it’s public and private settings. The problem is that the ASUS lists “Source Target”, “Port Range,” “Local Port” and Protocol. I have no idea what goes in each box??

Generally source target would be your internal IP for the Tablo, port range is where you would put the public port shown on the Tablo, local port would be the the private port shown on the Tablo and you can select TCP for the protocol.

You will want to create two rules, one for each of the public/private port combinations shown on the Tablo.

There is a setting for FTP or HTTP. Which should I use? The above changes did not help. But thank you for replying.

HTTP is the correct choice.

Do you have UPnP turned on on the router? It’s been my experience that if I setup port forwarding manually for Tablo I had to turn off UPnP. If you want UPnP turned on then let Tablo do the setup for you. In Tablo settings turn off remote access then turn it back on.

I have no clue what UPnP is, but my son came over and figured the whole thing out. a HUGE thank you to those who responded. With your help, my son got the job done.

Thank you!!