New router how to keep same ip addresses

My new router arrived and I would like to know if it is possible to keep the same dhcp reservations in the new router. Or is it easier just setting them up again?

Also is anyone using the print server on the TP-LINK Archer C7? I figured those upgrade things are not going to be as good as an AC wireless router.

You’re just going to need to bite the bullet and set them up again in the new router. I’m using the Archer C8 and really like it, but I’m not using the print server.

I thought about the C8 but didn’t see that much difference for the price. Besides a USB 3 port.

Not certain on the IP assignment options, but I’ve been nothing but pleased with the same router.

I have the Archer C7… you can set up a DHCP reservation for Tablo, and it seems to work well. Also using the print server on an old HP LaserJet 1000, allowing me to share the printer across multiple devices. Here’s how to set up use of the print server:

I got a great deal on the C8…and aesthetics and beam forming made the small price difference worth it to me…but I think you’re correct, that the C7 vs. C8 is a judgement call.