New Rokus announced

The new Premiere and Premiere + look to be the specs of the originals, but shrunk down to the size of the Roku Express. The price is much cheaper as well.

The new Roku Ultra is a bit pricey, but it does include free headphones.

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Always had “dollar store” quality headphones. Now they are JBL (dollar store++ ?).

The “upgrade” is essentially 4K versions of the smaller lines. Which you could kind of see coming given the processor upgrade in the last edition of those. Yet, people are still reporting “failures” on the lower end lines (that is, they break quicker). Maybe this refresh addresses some of those issues as well (?).

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The new Premiere and a Premiere+ are only Wireless N, the old models are Wireless AC. Definitely a step backwards especially for 4K streaming wirelessly.

Specs on the Roku website listed as:
“802.11 (b/g/n compatible)”

You are right, though it doesn’t really make much of a difference. I have a wireless Roku Express (which is only N), as well as a wireless Roku stick and Premiere + (both wireless AC), and I can’t tell a difference in performance.

The price of the new devices is just so good for what you get.

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Do you stream high bitrate 4K though?

Won’t make a difference for Netflix or Tablo.

Not on the one with just Wireless N (it’s an older 1080P plasma). Though I rarely stream 4K content even on my 4K tv.

Great price points and excellent price-to-spec ratio on the new Premiere and Premiere +. Doesn’t look like there’s a slot for Micro SD card on those, I wonder if users will have to put up with a lot of buffering, when switching between channels.

I had a Roku 3 (three or four years ago), which pretty much forced me to equip with a card, just to load routine channels instantly. Replaced it with a Roku Ultra last year, which I’ve used just a few times. Overall, I know very little about Roku product.

Are these new (inexpensive) Premiere models worth the low price? I’ve pre-ordered two, not sure if I’m spending too little or just enough.