New Roku Survey

So Roku put out a survey. I hope they are as attentive as Tablo is.

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As a longtime Roku user, I hope to get included in that survey. I’ll echo your call for better Tablo support. The Nexus Player has become my primary living room device because of Roku’s issues with Tablo. I still have Rokus on my 3 other TVs though, so I’d still like to see performance on them improved.



Can you post a link to the survey ?

I’m sure a lot of forum members would make the request for a better Talo experience


it now says

“You have already taken this survey.”

I didn’t receive an email with a survey. :frowning:

You can switch to the Apple TV, but since there’s no Tablo app for it, you’ll not be gaining much. If I worked for Roku and read your response, I’d probably have a good chuckle. Don’t believe the hype about an ATV Tablo app anytime soon - there’s an established track record… one of half delivery… one of non-delivery, etc. I’ll believe it when I see it.

It doesn’t change the fact that once the app is released I will be going all Apple TV all the time. I’m not really concerned with what you believe, to me, they have shown a track record of listening to their customers and delivering on the projects that they can.

Also, AirPlay to the new Apple TV is buttery smooth

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Besides, you had better believe that Roku is seeing what Apple has put forth and is feeling the pressure. Now that Apple is offering and App Store on their device they’re on an even footing with Roku. Now is the time for Roku to improve their product

Well, “listening” to their customers and managing their products efficiently are two different things. That said, if you haven’t invested in the ATV4 just yet, depending on your needs, you might want to check out the nVidia shield - it’s fantastic… I mean fantastic - and I’m an Apple guy - I have no other Android devices, I’m all OSX / iOS. Casting works great from all devices because I use Chrome as a browser, and the iOS Google Cast app works great too - I don’t miss Airplay, and I used it frequently (I have ATV4 and previous gen - unplugged since I bought a few Shields after being impressed with the first one. EDIT: I also have Roku 2’s, 3’s and 2XS’s).

Anyway, if you haven’t made the decision yet - you may want to check out the Shield.

It doesn’t matter if we disagree about Tablo’s complete lack of Product Management - the player is important if you’re going to use the Tablo. I had given up on the Tablo and didn’t buy the Shield for that reason - but it works flawlessly now, so it’s plugged back in. I’m going to check out the HDHomeRun as well using their AndroidTV app to see if I can kill the channel startup lag and just use Tablo for DVR. I think watching “Live” football on the Tablo is the only thing I hate - it’s just so “not live” feeling. But, no LPW, no looping, no other problems of any kind - smooth as can be.

Regarding Roku - I wish Tablo would just list the players that work best and relegated the Roku to “works okay with a 3mbps stream in some cases” and stop spending all their time trying to fix the Roku with all the firmware updates - it’s just killing heir momentum - meaning that this small company can’t pump out the apps fast enough. The ATV app needs to be a priority because being late on a key platform, vs. servicing a platform that doesn’t work is suicide.

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This is actually what I am doing. The only difference is I am betting on the Apple TV, and Tablo to create the app, I believe they will do so.

This is just the ecosystem that I live in, and choose to remain in. I support mobile devices for a living, and don’t want to use android at home

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