New Roku lineup

I think I will go and get a Roku Express today (if available) to replace my Roku 3 that can’t update its firmware. I replaced my other Roku 3 with the Streaming Stick (the one that was newer till today’s new stick), and it has performed terrifically.

A $30 Roku is a great price for those TVs that are just HD.

(Amazon has it for $25 and is in stock).

I agree, this looks interesting.

Unfortunately for me, the Roku doesn’t provide either CraveTV or Amazon Video apps in Canada and they show no sign of doing so. Plus, I don’t get wifi in my bedroom (which is where I would like to update my ancient Roku XS).

I’m holding off deciding until Wednesday. :slight_smile: Our Roku 3 is starting to shows signs of age and honestly I prefer the UI and experience of the Android TV app (with the exception of it NOT having the additional filters (i.e. Recent, Upcoming) that I regularly use on the Roku) so I’m going to wait and see if Google happens to announce a new Android TV box.

I did get the Roku Express yesterday. It is quite small, and it comes with it’s own Command-type strip to attach on or around your tv. It also comes with a short (1.5 foot) HDMI cable, USB power cord with plug (so you can either plug into the wall or plug into a USB port on your tv), and IR remote.

Since I was replacing an old Roku3, I just used the HDMI cable from it and plugged it into my surround sound system. It does not have Ethernet, and wireless is just b/g/n, but the wireless still worked well (the room is upstairs from my router).

The Express didn’t have any problems with performance. I watched a little Tablo with no issues and about an hour of Netflix on it. For $30, this is a nice streaming box for HD sets (the $40 Express Plus had composite outputs as well as HDMI for older Tvs).

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