New Roku firmware released

I just got the new Roku firmware (Non Beta)

And no more reboots?

I just got it, haven’t played with it, But I haven’t been having reboots anyway.

What was the final version number?

Haven’t seen anything new, even with a forced update. Is it coming via the normal update process?

Not all Roku boxes get firmware updates at the same time.

Are you talking about the Roku firmware (from Roku) or a Tablo app update?

The OP and I are talking about firmware update on the Roku box. Not the Tablo itself

Hopefully this cures the reboots. Happened three times within the same show tonight, while it was being recorded as well, so can’t blame the video previews on FFWD.


So what is the firmware version number you received?

It is 6.2.3660

Thanks. I haven’t received this yet on any of my Roku 3’s. Funny, but a Google search yields 0 results for Roku 6.2.3660…
They are apparently very good at keeping their updates a secret.

I still have 6.2.3467 on all of my roku’s. When I search for updates it tells me mine are up to date.

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Be careful with quoting build numbers, they vary per Roku model. So the Roku 3 4200 will have a different build than the Roku 2 2720 for example. And now there is the new Roku 3 Model 4230 which likely has a different build number.


My Roku player actually DOWNGRADED it’s firmware last night to 6.2.3467 but at least I can watch AOL.On without crashing.