New Roku channel announced at CES

Great to hear the developers are having success with this new app.

My question is: Will this new app finally enable a Roku to access a Tablo from across the Internet? We have our Roku at our second home and we really need this!

By the end of Q1 2015. So anytime between now and March 31st.

By the end of Q1 2015. So anytime between now and March 31st.

The new Roku Tablo app will support Tablo Connect?

Unfortunately a big no from what I’ve heard

Unfortunately a big no from what I've heard

Okay, that’s what I thought, but it looked like your response was to the OP’s question of “will this new app finally enable a Roku to access a Tablos from across the internet?”.  

Sorry @greymont - that’ll require some additional finagling. 

The dev team know you’re anxious for this though!

If you’re thinking of an upgrade, the apps for Android TV and Amazon Fire TV will be based on the ‘guts’ of the web app so there’s no reason why they wouldn’t be able to run Tablo Connect. 


That is great news - I hope the Fire TV app supports Tablo Connect too.

@TabloTV - Can’t imagine the priorities that are holding this up. :frowning:

Here’s an idea: What if two Tablo devices could connect with each other and each would be a proxy for the other. Each would be “somewhere on the Internet” but would support local LAN acces by Roku, iPad, Web browsers as they can now. But the local Tablo would be able to serve the streams from the remote Tablo.

The connection between Tablo devices would be totally under your control so you would not have architectural restrictions. The other capabilities are already present so no need to develop remote support for lots of new devices.

@greymont,   I can only imagine a gazillion higher priority items for them right now. 

With that said, I’m sure they are at least brainstorming on the ideas… (if not working on it)…

(talking about some sort of Roku (remote) connect option)

There could be some weird legal matters in doing this btw.  Broadcast signal is limited.  The ability to watch your content anywhere is a “difference”.  Limiting that to paired devices might be ok… but just thinking about the stupid Aereo case… anyway, we’ll see what happens…

(I could brainstorm more, like the potential legal difference between “recorded/at rest” vs. “live”, etc…)

If your routers support a VPN you might be able to pull this off. That is assuming that a Roku can see a Tablo outside of its own broadcast domain.

It does work with VPN. You need a VPN server where the Tablo is, then you need a router where you are remotely to act as the VPN client. The Roku sees the Tablo when it is connected to the remote router.

This configuration is not supported by Tablo so you’ve got to be good with networking to accomplish it.