New Revvl 6 Pro 5G on Android 12 No Sound

Is anyone else having trouble with sound on Android 12? I’ve tried live TV, recordings that I know are good, new recordings, but I can’t get sound on any of them on my new Android phone.

Just a thought - might the recordings be 5.1 and the phone not support surround?

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And because it’s not being plugged by the developer (@sctaylor), I’ll plug it. :slight_smile:

If you are indeed recording in 5.1 and your Android phone doesn’t support 5.1 (my Pixel 5a doesn’t), you can download the ota2GO Android app on your phone and use it to play back those recordings…

Thanks Nilex :slight_smile: Ota2go can help by letting one use a 3rd party player like MX or VLC to hear 5.1 recordings, but it can’t help with the live TV part (if that’s the issue).


Thank you. I installed that and got an error audio ac3 format not supported

I should have clarified, I was speaking specifically to recorded content, not anything live. Do you indeed have surround sound enabled in your Tablo settings?

As far as the recorded content, did you use the app to download it? If so you’ll also need to go into Settings in ota2GO and look in the external player section and toggle on "use for 5.1 (ac3) recordings and have something like VLC or MX Player installed.

That error message that Bob received is from the internal player, indicating that ac3 (5.1) is not supported by the phone, so as Nilex says, add VLC or MX Player to your phone and then tweak that setting in ota2go to “use external player for 5.1 (ac3) recordings”. You can also watch directly from the Tablo this way without downloading the recording first.

Or just turn off surround in the Tablo settings from now on :smiley: (though this doesn’t help existing 5.1 recordings).

Good luck!

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