New recordings and live TV green/pink

This is what all recordings on all channels and live TV looks like now. Only found out after a full week of garbled recordings like this so lost many recordings. I know in the past tech support has said this is due to weak signal but I just did a channel scan and I have 5 green dots on one of the channels this is happening on so can’t be that. Also have no problem viewing on the other TVs. Is my Tablo box toast?

Check out this thread from last year. Recording was green and pink

I did see that before I posted. It didn’t offer any suggestions that applied to my situation. The signal strength is fine. One of the recordings that failed last night is from a station only a few KMs away and I have the antenna on the roof. No way that the signal is too weak

@MarcCharette If you’re confident the signal isn’t the issue, send our support team a ticket. We can take a look at the raw video when it was recorded and see where the issue is.

OK will do