New OTA Tivo box Mavrik?

Looks like Tivo is coming after you Tablo…

They can’t have mine, cuz it’s working very well. :slight_smile:

Damn, second time I misread something in 2 days.
I thought they were coming after my Tablo.
Double doh!

Oh no, your Tablo units are safe. I meant the market share…

Given all the talk and comparisons between Tablo and Tivo on here I figured might be worth it to get Tablo moving on some features we’ve been asking for. :wink:

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The last thing in the world that I’d want is to put my OTA content in the cloud. Where I get to pay to store it, and pay (thru data caps) to access it.


We saw that… Aside from the cloud thing which others like Boxee did years ago, it seems like it’s just their attempt to be as cool as we are.

If they really wanted to be a ‘maverick’ or innovative, going where others have gone before isn’t really the best approach.

It’ll be interesting to see if they bring anything new to the table. Otherwise, I kinda wanna say:

Cause we do that already. And without the likely $15+/month service price.

And @Spunky03 - We hear you on the features!


Gigabit and 802.11AC support, along with Dolby (others have done, but NOT my awesome Tablo)