New Orbi Router

I just setup a new orbi router and satellite in the house. My apple router died. My Tablo was unplugged overnight and when I plugged it into the new orbi. I am getting a slow blue blinking light.

I have the orange and green lights flashing in the ethernet port. If I unplug the ethernet cable on the back of the tablo, the lights do go out and come back on when plugged in.

I have done a soft reset. I have up to this point had great success with my Zyxel powerline adapters and tablo and my ATV’s and the one AFTV, gen 2.

Now I cannot get the powerline adapters to work or the Tablo to work.

Do I need to set this up via wireless first then switch it over to an ethernet connection???

No you should be able to use the Ethernet connection.

Can you plug a laptop or desktop into Ethernet port into the Orbi and see if you can internet over that? Remember make to sure turn off the wireless on the laptop.

Yes I have full network connectivity using my imac which is plugged into the orbi and wifi is turned off.

I now have solid blue blinking light on the tablo. And I am able to connect to my on my desktop and iphone.

So far so good.

Now I just have to figure out the powerline adapter problem. My AFTV and 2 ATV’s are connected via powerline as is my plex server. Back to the drawing board on those I guess. Then I need setup static ip’s for plex and tablo and then configure remote access for the tablo.

So it looks like everything is up to date and running. Tablo is spoton on all device. Power adapter issue is resolved. No all i need to do is get my rachio sprinkler controller to synch up with the network…, may need to call them.

All in all, this is a pretty slick setup, just want to setup a static ip for my plex server and and the tablo and I am good!

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Does anyone have any info on setting up a static ip address on an Orbi with the Tablo?

I setup the static ip address of my Tablo. I now want to setup remote access.

I am confused as to what my entries need to be when setting up the port forwarding for remote access. If anyone can assist, I would appreciate it.

I can find where to configure the port forwarding, I just don’t know what entries need to be entered where. I am talking about the External port range and the Internal port range.

Cannons900, I am having trouble figuring this out with my orbi router, were you ever able to set up tablo remote connect with your orbi? Please tell me how if you figured it out.

I eventually got rid of the orbi and went with a linksys velop. The orbi I had was having a lot of problems and I returned it.

I don’t remember if I ever had it working. I know there were a lot of issues on the netgear forums with my model.

The velop has been excellent from day one.

Surprised to hear this about the Orbi, I’d heard they were very good.

I had nothing but problems. Firmware issues and new constant reboots and the WiFi alsways went down.

Not good for the family acceptance factor.

Good information. I’ve look at both Orbi and Velop product a few times, with casual interest.