New Official channel?

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Just a few days ago I remember Tablo announcing their preview app was in approval queue to replace the legacy

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I do remember them saying that, you are correct, but they have since gone back on that and said the Roku will never gain complete feature parity with the other platforms due to software limitations. Also, it was just a few days ago they announced the legacy app was in line to be replaced.

I’m not trying to argue with you, it doesn’t affect me. I’m just sharing what they have announced.

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I have to agree with you. While I thought the grid was a nice look into the future I do not feel it is ready for prime time. Way too many clicks if you are using tablo as a whole house tuner. It makes channel surfing pretty much impossible. Watch live TV should be just that. No asking me to record, no other seasons when I back out. This stuff should be on a separate record menu. The grid is trying to do too much in one menu and takes away one of the two primary reasons I bought Tablo. A whole house tuner for my non-antenna attached televisions.

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Just use your computer or phone to schedule football games.

Personally, my Roku is for content consumption. I don’t do any setup on my Roku; that is all done on my computer or phone.

My one comment to the UI designer is rather than having us scroll through tons of screens, use the star key on the Roku to bring up record and show information options. I should not be more than one or two clicks away from where I want to go at any point in time.

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The other thing is I don’t need the hint on the left. Just go to the full grid. Most of us can figure out left arrow gets us back to the menu.

There’s more info on this change here: NEW - Tablo Preview Channel Now Public

You can still access the now ‘legacy’ channel via the link here:

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What’s the big deal?

Feature parity is on Tablo’s short-term roadmap, don’t worry about! :tomato:


Tablo would never do that, and has never done that historically. O wait…

It is the Christmas shopping season. All consumer products are putting the lipstick on their various pigs and tossing them out them door so that new consumers will be more impressed.

And using 2 different devices to manage my tablo. That must be common in the electronics business.

Whenever I ever need to manage my iphone setting I pull out my ipad to do it.

To Tablo, I just want to be clear with my prior statements. I like the grid view a lot, I just think it needs refinement to be truly usable as the primary interface. Just too many clicks for the live television grid view menu. Star key is your friend for bringing up options and features.

I just wish some of the features promised for the new roku app were actually implemented. Then I might be concerned on how many clicks I have to make in the UI.

Oh bah-humbug to Roku. The new channel is prettier, but I prefer the functionality of the original, particularly the “most recent” sort of recordings. Was trying to find the legacy channel, then remembered that you have to download it, then force update the Roku database. Think I’ll stick with Legacy for awhile longer.

You have to log into your Roku account and then come back to the hyperlink here. The hyperlink will take you to a spot that will allow you to choose to add the legacy channel as a private channel. You can not get it by searching on the Roku.


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