New Nvidia Shield TV update 11 - HELP

So, I made the mistake upgrading to the latest Andriod 9 (experience 11) on the Nvidia Shield TV.
It takes forever for tablo to start, but after that I cannot tune in any channels or do anything else.
Do you have an update to this? I cannot use this App now and need help.
Thanks in advance.

Try resetting app/cache data for the Tablo app.

I did try that… nothing new.
It will start, but I cannot tune into anything. As soon as I do, the app crashes and I return to the main Shield screen.

Hey @justjoe13 Unfortunately, we have discontinued support for Tablo ENGINE and do not have any updates planned. The issue you are experiencing is due to an incompatibility with the Android 11 update.

The support team will be reaching out to you shortly with details and an offer that should help you get back up and running on slightly different system.