New Nvidia Shield Available for Pre-Order - Now with Amazon Prime 4K Video!

New Nvidia Shield about to be announced is already available on Amazon for preorder. Amazon Prime 4K HDR video is advertised. I think it’s safe to call Shield by far the best streaming device you can buy now.

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Amazon Prime on an Android TV box…now that is some news!



Ok… can’t wait to try to side load the app…


I read all these updates are coming to the existing Shield TV’s too.

Disappointing that it doesn’t have any hardware upgrades to the console. I know it is still far superior in processing power over any other streamer and a very capable gamer but the hardware is going on 18 months old now, time for a refresh…

At the very least they should have upgraded the Pro to a solid state HDD.

The Amazon support was the one thing that stopped me from getting the previous model, so I am very glad to see that but its too little too late. I already bought a Roku for every TV, the last being an Ultra a month or so ago.

I will still end up with a Shield, just not sure if I want this one or wait for the next with hopefully a bit more “PRO” in the Pro model…

Wait and see how the new Tablo DVR software engine for the Shield goes before jumping on one - maybe it will run better on the newer version.

Reports say its the exact same processor, exact same RAM, exact same HDD / Memory Card.

The Pro model even still uses the same exact case as the previous Pro Model. The software that comes on the new one will be provided for the older model so I really don’t think it matters.

With that said, if I was to get one, yes it would be the new one, the old one has been hard to find for a while so I don’t think any deals will be out there for it anyway.

The new Tablo features wont do me any good either, as its a local DVR on the one device and I like the current setup with all of the recordings available on any of my 10+ TVs and remotely when I travel for work.

I am truly amazed that they brought something to market in the summer of 2015 that is still a top contender performance wise 18 months later. I just feel like its a marketing sham and they should have just offered the new remotes rather than pushing the old system out as a new one.

Had this come out before I got the Ultra, I would buy it, Or even with having just bought the Ultra, Had this had an actual hardware improvement, I probably still could have justified the price.

As it stands now though, I will wait. I still want one, but I can probably make it a year and see what CES 2018 brings.

(Well, unless one of my Roku’s die, then IT’S ON!!!)

What experiences are you missing out on due to a next-gen processor not being included? It’s still the fastest, most capable streamer on the market by a good margin (12x the processing power of Roku Ultra). More importantly, they filled their biggest missing app, added the best voice assistant, added a built in DVR, and added support for the Nvidia Spot - all massive improvements.

I think that products should be compared on their experience, including software, among their competitors. Everything on the Shield runs buttery smooth, a processor letter doesn’t tell the whole story.

If anything, this is a good sign for existing owners because they will get all the new software features. Using the same processor means longer support.

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Its not about experience, its about use of funds.

I cant see spending $120 last month for the Ultra, and then another $200+ this month. That statement stands on its own.

Even if it had upgraded hardware I still would be hesitant, BUT if I knew spending that $200 was on hardware that likely would still be relevant for another 2 years or likely longer, then I would lean towards making the investment.

It is still an amazing device, if anything, I wish I had bought one a long time ago, but the money is spent now. When the time comes that I need to replace a Roku (or Roku completely screws up their firmware again) I will jump in.

I am guessing it will come preinstalled on the device, negating the need for it to be in the Google Play Store where it would have to give Google 30% of all in app purchases.



They changed the rules while back. You no longer need to use their payment system if you can bring in your own. So no longer a need to give Google a cut. But the feud continues so it will still not be in the Play Store. At least Amazon is no longer trying to punish all of Android TV.