NEW Mohu Wireless antenna

Cool concept. This would be handy for someone like me where i don’t have a handy place to run coax to where i want to place my Tablo. I wonder if they will support this

It looks like a live TV only version of the Tablo. I can guarantee it won’t do 5.1 sound since it transcodes on the fly.

I do wonder how many tuners it has and whether it is any faster than the Tablo when changing channels.

It’s a standalone box, not an antenna to be used with other devices. But without any DVR capabilities, I don’t see it selling well. I bet it has all the negatives to live tv viewing that the Tablo has without the huge benefit of being a DVR.

I am glad more competition is in this market, since it makes streaming boxes like the Roku, AppleTv, and FireTv more valuable.

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Doesn’t HD Homerun transcode on the fly with 5.1 support?

I did some searching, and I haven’t found anything to say that it can.

It does, @Andrroid has one and has confirmed it is 5.1.

Can you post a link? The HD Homerun can certainly do 5.1 when not transcoding. And recording shows can be transcoded later on in 5.1 most likely. If you can show where it can do 5.1 transcoding on the fly, I would love to read about it.

Don’t have a link to our conversation, but if it can 5.1 for recordings it already has a major 1-up on Tablo. That’s how most of us watch content, anyway.

I watch on the fly from an HDHR via the HDHR beta app and via the Live Channels app on Android TV. I can confirm that it does 5.1 (the Live Channels app even shows what the audio is at the top). My receiver and the audio in my ears can also confirm it.

edit: Just realized you guys are talking about maintaining 5.1 audio while transcoding on the fly. My personal experience is with a connect, not an extend. With that said, I know that the extend also does not convert audio (its been talked about on the Plex pass dvr beta forums. Its entirely possible to transcode video on the fly and leave audio alone (which is why its so odd that Tablo transcodes to 2.0).

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Since the Connect doesn’t transcode, that makes sense.

@snowcat did you miss this part of his post?

Or that part (its what Plex’s DVR does, when live transcoding is enabled).

It would be interesting to see how it stacks up against TABLO when it launches and if the Mohu has a Cloud DVR to record programs.