New model Quad pausing video

We recently purchased a new Quad tuner to move our older quad to another house. The new quad freezes quite regularly whereas the older one never did. Nothing has changed the brand new SSD formatted correctly and I always ran at full HD 60fps. The only​ difference is the Tablo hardware. Any suggestions?

Only difference - tablo hardware and SSD external (?) storage.

The Quad does use different tuners… supposedly better.

Likely it’ll be suggested to reboot things starting with your router I believe, taboo and streaming device. Check all connections of course. Then…

Tablo or SSD is overheating? Try an external USB drive.

Also check that the SSD firmware is up to date.

Note that a firmware update could result in data loss!

FYI, I run an SSD (internal) in my QUAD and haven’t noticed any lockup problems. Maybe you could do a test with the SSD removed, and see if the lockups still occur. (With no hard drive you’ll only be able to watch live TV)

Like some of the others here, I recommend taking a look at the SSD (even try playing live TV without it attached, or just swap in another drive temporarily) to see if there are any improvements. Don’t hesitate to touch base with our support team directly, either, they’d be happy to take a closer look for you.